Warzone’ Players Are Finding ‘Red Access Cards’ That Point To Something Big

‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ got an update today, and along with it—a mystery. Ever since the patch, players have reported finding a new item called a “Red Access Card”. It has a little health label next to it, but it isn’t at this point, clear what it is. Reports started showing up on social media shortly after the game updated, but I haven’t yet seen anyone figure out what exactly it gives you access to.

It seems like this could be related to other secrets found in this game so far, but at this point, it’s not clear. It doesn’t right now, feel like a throwaway easter egg. It feels like it’s part of something larger, whether that’s a narrative event or a new game event. It feels like we’re going to be able to use it.

Whatever it is, it’s a mystery, and that’s good news. Since shortly after launch, Fortnite has defined itself with a loose, unfolding narrative told not through traditional means but through changes on its map and live events, given its battle royale island a strange sense of place and momentum. Call of Duty seems like it’s trying to to do something similar: a little while ago, people found telephones and mysterious bunkers that nobody was able to open.

Infinity Ward has been open about the fact that it’s working on Fortnite-style events, and so it seems likely that this red access card bears some relation to whatever it is those are going to be. We’ve also heard the developer talking more about the narrative behind the battlefield of Verdansk, talking about Alex “joining the ongoing war” at the start of Season 3.

Whatever it is, I’m excited. Fortnite events are a very particular thing—they’re ridiculous and over-the top, like the recent Travis Scott “Astronomical Event” that wracked up over 27 million viewers. But those are outlandish in that Fortnite-sort of way, and I’d love to see what the team at Infinity Ward could do with a similar mission. They’re not stranger to set-pieces, after all. Perhaps we’ll see soon, so check back after next patch to see more.

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