Warzone Player Discovers Trick to Deny the ‘Invisibility’ Provided by Roze’s All Black Rook Skin

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A Reddit user revealed a trick for countering Roze's Rook skin, which some players have declared as being Pay-to-Win.
A Reddit user revealed a trick for countering Roze’s Rook skin, which some players have declared as being Pay-to-Win. | Photo courtesy of Activision

Players of competitive multiplayer games have long argued that Pay-to-Win mechanics do not belong in these sorts of games, as they provide unfair advantages to those who are willing to spend more cash. Whether it be level boosts, overpowered weapons, or ‘invisibility’ skins, there are many ways in which game developers can provide a slight edge to players over their enemies in exchange for money.

The Warzone community, an extremely competitive bunch, is always outspoken when it comes to the Pay-to-Win topic. Earlier this year, players complained about overpowered weapon blueprints, such as The Oceanographer (for the HDR) and The Gallantry (for the Mac-10). Fortnite players also complained about blacked-out superhero skins that allowed enemies to blend in with shadows, making them ‘invisible’. Epic Games then proceeded to ban them. Although developers of competitive games tend to stay away from these types of Pay-to-Win mechanics, Warzone players have recently brought to light Roze’s Rook skin, which, like the Fortnite superhero skins, essentially provides ‘invisibility’ while lurking in shadows.

Warzone players have complained about Roze’s Rook skin, an all-black outfit that was released in September of 2020, for some time now. The skin was introduced in Season 5. To unlock it, players had to complete Roze’s Operator Challenges, which were provided at Tier 100 of the Battle Pass. Players began to notice that the blacked-out outfit gave their opponents a slight edge when hiding in the shadows and raised concerns that it could be a Pay-to-Win mechanic.

Roze’s Rook skin still remains in the game, but a clever player known as “TheMazilla” on Reddit, revealed a trick for countering the skins ‘invisibility’. To counter the skin’s unfair advantage, players must tag an opponent using the skin with spray paint. By doing so, the all-black skin will no longer provide the enemy with camouflage while in the shadows, as the color of the paint will mark their body. It is important to note that, if the Roze player manages to die, their skin will reset and players will have to tag their opponent again.

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