Warzone Cold War Verdansk Map Leaked

Footage of the new map making its way to Call of Duty: Warzone has surfaced online. Shared by Twitter user On Thin Ice, the footage has been confirmed by Video Game Chronicle to be legitimate. The new map, which is currently unnamed, will be replacing Verdansk after an in-game event on April 22. Unfortunately, at the time of publishing, the video and references to the new map have been taken down from social media and YouTube by Activision.

The new map is more of an evolution on Verdansk’s design rather than being a fresh map built from the ground up. It looks like the new map will have a 1980s setting, with Cold War-era landmarks. It also features new areas, including a mineshaft.

Warzone has been teasing changes to its map and Zombies for quite some time now. Earlier this month, Activision’s chief revenue officer Brandon Snow hinted that Warzone would be getting non-competitive social events, in a similar vein to Fortnite.

“We certainly see Warzone as a very large ecosystem that can continue to engage players and provide places and spaces for people to gather,” said Snow. “In the upcoming seasons, you’re going to see some really cool new stuff that Warzone has never done before. It’ll be really exciting and done in a Call of Duty way.”

In a recent mid-season update, Warzone’s file size got optimised and reduced by between 10.9GB and 14.2GB, depending on the platform. The update optimising the storage is ironically quite massive, ranging from a size of 52GB up to 57.8GB, depending on the platform.

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