Venom & Black Panther found in Fortnite v14.10 leaked skins & cosmetics

Marvel superheroes Black Panther and Venom have been found among the leaked Fortnite skins and cosmetics following the v14.10 update.

The patch went live on September 10 with a huge sense of optimism from the community. After all, they waited a couple of days longer than usual for their weekly content refresh.

They won’t have been disappointed by what data miners have found in the leaks, however, with superheroes dominating the upcoming skins list again.

So, let’s take a look at what’s coming soon.

More Mythic Items appear to be coming soon in Fortnite. Epic Games.

Fortnite v14.10 leaked skins and cosmetics

As seen below, from Lucas7yoshi, 10 superhero style outfits are going to be added to Fortnite in due course, with new skins called Hunter, Hypersonic, Blastoff, and more.

Not only that, but a few cosmetics like the Emoticape were also leaked, which might be the game’s next Mythic Item.

Huge Black Panther and Venom skin clues

A Black Panther monument has already been added to the game, and it looks like developers are not going to stop there with additions from the franchise.

As seen below, in a leak from FortniteFevers, skin icons for both have been added to the files.

New Iron Man skin styles

It looks like new Iron Man skin styles will be rolling out soon, too, according to ShiinaBR’s feed. These two versions were sent in by gameshed_.

One we know more about when these skins and cosmetics will drop in Fortnite, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Right off the bat, it looks like this is yet another promising update in Season 4. So, what skin do you want to play with first?

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