Valorant: Sentinel Players Believe That Certain Weapon Skins in the Game Are “Pay-to-Win”

Valorant’s developer, Riot Games, takes a lot of pride in the various systems that prevent players from gaining any unfair advantages in the game. It has one of the best anti-cheat systems in Vanguard, which keeps a lot of hackers at bay. The developer also works tirelessly in making sure that not a single weapon or agent has an upper hand over others.

But the game has had some issues with some of its weapon skins, and fans have clamored about the problem for months. During a recent match, some pro players from the Sentinels also believed that to be the case.

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Sentinel players believe that some skins are “Pay-to-win” in Valorant

At the Valorant Master’s Stage 1 tournament, Sentinels and Luminosity Gaming faced off against each other. During the match’s break, Sentinel player Sick talked about certain skins that give him an advantage while playing, just like the way a “pay-to-win” skin would do.

“I don’t know what it is about skins in the game, but they actually make you play better. Like certain ones, actually pay-to-win.”

Dapr, his teammate, also thinks that to be the case. He believes that he plays worse with his second account that doesn’t have any skins.

Casual players who play the game often also believe that there are various weapon skins in the game that give players a slight advantage. This includes skins like Prism Operator, Prime Vandal, and many more.

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“Pay-to-win” skins in the game

The game’s first problematic skin came in the Prism skin collection that was released last year. With this skin on the Operator, players could see around the scope when they aim down the sight. Other than that, fans also felt that the Prime Vandal also provides a major advantage to players.

Fans believe that the advantages lie in the weapon’s quiet and the clear laser bullets that help them aim better. Players also believe that the gun has a comparatively shorter reset time for the crosshair. This allows them to jiggle peek and tap faster.

While the developers don’t really believe that there are any “pay-to-win” skins in the game, fans believe that they have an issue to solve here. With the acknowledgment from professional players that there might be an issue here, Riot can finally look into it and decrease the advantages of some of these guns.

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