Update Release Date & Time, Patch Notes, and More

The next title update for Call of Duty: Warzone is right around the corner in the grand scheme of things and we have everything you need to know about when the download will be released and what size it will be.

Season 4 Release Date

At the moment, we have a rough idea of when Warzone Season 4 is due to drop. It’s due to arrive in just over a week’s time and we can’t wait! Annoyingly, though, we don’t know what time for certain it will drop. We can make an educated guess, though, but take it with a grain of salt.

Warzone’s current season is due to end on June 15th and provided there are no delays, Season 4 should start at around June 16th or June 17th. Call of Duty often issues updates on Thursdays, though. So, we’re expecting everything to kick off on June 17th, rather than June 16th.

Warzone Season 4 Download Size Nakatomi Plaza

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STILL DYING HARD? – Will Nakatomi Plaza still be a POI in Season 4?

This could mean there is a day-long extension of the current season. However, Raven Software has been a bit more sporadic with their update times lately and it isn’t outside of the realms of possibility to see a Warzone update drop on a Wednesday or even later in the day on Tuesday, June 15th.

Next Warzone Update Download Size

At the moment, we don’t know the exact size of the Warzone Season 4 download. It’s a little early to see anything official from Raven Software and leakers often only uncover this information a day or two before release.

That being said, recent updates have ranged from anything between 25GB to 40GB. Raven Software has made a statement saying they are reducing the download sizes continually, but they’re still on the larger side.

We also don’t really know what to expect, either. Raven Software and Call of Duty usually offer a few teasers in the build-up to the next season’s release, but they are often small and insignificant. We won’t see any Patch Notes for another few days, at least.

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The best place to look for any information, though, as we approach the release date is Raven Software’s social media channels and the official Call of Duty Twitter account.

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