Upcoming XP achievements confirm players will be abducted by the Mothership

Even though Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has begun, the leaks just keep on coming.

This time, leaks are pointing to more than just map changes, a Season theme, or skins that may become available in Fortnite. This time, signs point to new XP Achievements.

They come courtesy of notorious Fortnite leaks Twitter user, HYPEX. He has provided details regarding upcoming XP Achievements that involve the Alien presence on the battle royale island.

Fortnite Season 7 XP Achievements Leak

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

As Aliens arrived on the Fortnite island, plenty of strange things began to happen. Players were finding themselves abducted by the various unidentified flying objects overhead.

A video by YouTuber Tabor Hill shows off how the abduction process works. Fortnite players that spend too much time underneath one of the UFOs will be liftoff of the ground and abducted.

It seems like abductions are about to become more more important and much larger in scale. According to the leak by HYPEX, the Mothership is on its way to abduct players.

According to HYPEX, “Get Abducted by The Mothership” is said to be worth 210 XP in Fortnite. This is alongside various other XP Achievements that deal with Alien Parasites.

This coincides with another leak that came from Twitter user SpireLeaks. Spire noted some upcoming map changes, likely to take place in the middle of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

It explicitly states that the Mothership will be drawn closer to the battle royale island. Players can see it in the sky right now, but for it to abduct them, it will more than likely need to be closer.

It all fits together like pieces of a puzzle. Players definitely need to prepare for the continuing alien invasion of the battle royale island. The Season has just begun, and there is bound to be more revealed regarding the invasion as time progresses.

When the Mothership will approach the map is unknown and when these XP achievements go live is also uncertain. HYPEX is fairly reliable though, so players are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled to the sky to avoid, or ensure, abduction.

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