Unreleased Fortnite skins surface from an Epic games Survey

Recently, Fortnite leaked skins have taken the internet by storm after data miners revealed unreleased Fortnite skins following an Epic Games survey.

Epic has maintained players’ interest in the game by rolling out various events and in-game cosmetics. The recent survey was also a masterstroke as it aimed to bridge the gap between developers and gamers. Epic is expected to use the data from the survey to roll out considerable changes to the game in the coming months.

Epic has improved the gameplay of Fortnite with regular updates. This latest survey also focuses on character skins. Hence, gamers expect that some of these skins will be released pretty soon.

This article will focus on the leaked Fortnite skins that surfaced during the Epic Games survey.

Fortnite leaked skins- Survey reveals unreleased Fortnite skins

Epic recently rolled out a survey for gamers that focused on user feedback.

One section of the survey asked users to compare and rank character outfits. Gamers were shown four character outfits and were asked to choose their favorite by clicking the button above the character outfit. Gamers also had to choose the least favorite of the lot character set of the lot by clicking the button on the bottom.

During the survey, Epic showcased several Fortnite leaked skins in the form of character outfits. These Fortnite leaks also showcased several outfits that are related to concepts designed by several artists in the Fortnite community.

Data miners revealed that gamers can expect these character outfits to come to Fortnite as they were part of the survey. However, Epic has not revealed as to why they rolled out these Fortnite leaked skins in the survey.

These Fortnite leaked skins are highly creative. Gamers who took the survey had a hard time differentiating between the best and the worst.

After the Fortnite leaks were revealed by data miners, gamers who abstained from the survey took an active interest in pointing out their favorite character set of the lot. Currently, these Fortnite leaked skins are getting a lot of attention and Epic might take an interest in publishing some of these character skins in Fortnite in the coming months.

The v16.40 update in Fortnite brought a handful of rewards and new cosmetics for gamers. Various Fortnite leaked skins have also indicated various in-game cosmetics that are expected to be released in-game following the commencement of Season 7 in June.

Gamers will have to wait patiently and keep an eye on the Item Shop to see when these unreleased skins will be brought to Fortnite.

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