UFO and Aliens teaser, Battle Pass skins, and more

Fortnite Season 7 is expected to roll out on June 8, and players have already started speculating about the Battle Pass and theme for it. Various fan theories have also surfaced regarding the upcoming season.

Popular data miners have recently taken to Twitter to reveal major leaks regarding Fortnite Season 7. Here, we take a look at all the information regarding the Battle Pass that has been leaked.

Leaked Battle Pass cosmetic and audio of Aliens and UFOs in Fortnite Season 7

Data miner Mang0e recently revealed that a new cosmetic called “EnrgyNet” is under development. The information was leaked after the contrail of the cosmetic received an FX file that was added to the game following the v16.40 update.

It is anticipated that this “EnergyNet” will be a part of the Season 7 Battle Pass. The data miner further revealed that Raz received a similar effect for his contrail in the v15.40 update.

The “EnergyNet” cosmetic has sparked off a fresh debate regarding the theme of Fortnite Season 7. Initially, various sources and leaks indicated the game would have a Medieval theme for the upcoming season. However, the new cosmetic indicates that Fortnite could have a Futuristic theme.

As gamers rank up in tiers, Fortnite Battle Pass unlocks various cosmetics. Following the revelation of the “EnergyNet” cosmetic, players are wondering what other cosmetics would be up for grabs.

Another data miner, XTigerHyperX, recently revealed some eerie audio clips on social media. These audio clips explicitly mention UFOs and Aliens.

The data miner claims that these audio files are for Fortnite Season 7, and each one of them has the codename “RadioTeaser.”

XTigerHyperX also released a couple of signs that are supposed to appear on the map. One of these signs features human figurines holding hands and forming a chain with alien counterparts.

The other one reveals various street signs and traffic signals. Out of these, one of the signal pointers shows a handful of UFOs and a silhouetted figure that resembles Peely from Fortnite.

Epic is yet to confirm rumors regarding the inclusion of Aliens and UFOs in the game. However, recent revelations are strong indications that Fortnite Season 7 would revolve around Futuristic themes or the Space theme.

The new leaks are sure to excite gamers. And the Futuristic theme or the Space theme would also bring along enhanced weapons and vehicles.

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