Two new leaked Fortnite abilities likely coming soon

Every Fortnite season that releases, fans put one major item on their wish list before it starts: a ‘disable pre-edit’ setting. For those who aren’t aware, this setting would prevent you from pre-editing your structures while you play.

Pre-edits can serve a purpose in some niche situations. You might want to pre-edit a cone, for instance, to get it into an opponent’s box more easily. Most players don’t use pre-editing strategies, though, so they up hurting players rather than helping them.

It’s common for players to quickly complete a series of edits. Sometimes, these players will edit a piece before they place it, leaving them with a pre-edited wall, ramp, cone, or floor. When they move to place this building piece, they’re left exposed until they fix it.

With so many settings and customization in Fortnite, it seems strange that we haven’t seen an option to disable pre-edits. Epic have mentioned it in the past, but seem to have forgotten about the massive community request.

Recently, after Epic added Duo Arenas back to Fortnite, one player posted to Reddit, asking how many followers they would need to disable pre-edits. Community Coordinator, TheStevieT, responded and said, “We don’t have an exact timetable, but we’re going to do it. Don’t worry about the followers ;).”

Another player re-posted the original Reddit thread, and gstaffEpic responded in the comments. “Can’t give the exact date yet, but like TheStevieT said, it’s in the works.” Ht also added, “That requires getting it in the build, and something we’re working towards. Stay tuned.”

It might be wishful thinking to say that we could see a ‘disable pre-edit’ setting in Season 5. We’ve wished for such a setting in nearly every recent Fortnite season and have been disappointed. Assuming that we’re a month away from seeing it seems too good to be true.

Even if we don’t see this setting in Season 5, we’re happy to learn that it’s still on the table. Epic are listening to the player base and will, eventually, add this much-requested setting to Fortnite.

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