Travis Scott is making more moves with a new hard seltzer

Travis Scott and his partnership portfolio now include a powerhouse brewer

The hard seltzer industry has experienced a meteoric rise over the last two years. Even before a pandemic hit, hard seltzer had become the new go-to item for beverage producers. Now Travis Scott is getting ready to take advantage and join the party. As first revealed by Forbes, Scott is working on a hard seltzer.

Like hard seltzer, Travis Scott has had a very successful past couple of years thanks to partnerships with Fortnite, General Mills, and most recently McDonald’s. He has been gifted the nickname of “Brand Whisperer” and top brewing company AB InBev better known as the producers of beer heavyweights Budweiser, Bud Light, and Labatt Blue.

Travis Scott is looking to make sure his seltzer lives up to high standards

Not much is currently known about the hard seltzer, but in a recent interview with Forbes, Scott asked interviewer Abram Brown to sample a strawberry flavored sample. He also mentioned more flavors are in the works including lime. Once the seltzer hits, it will surely be a must-try and it seems that Scott is making sure he is happy with flavors before they hit the market.

Scott working with the world’s largest brewer should be no surprise as he has become a go-to source when looking for a shot in the arm or instant brand success. His partnerships have been more than just simple endorsements as evidenced by his merchandising agreement with McDonald’s and the name of the upcoming hard seltzer. Cacti seems to be a play on his Cactus Jack alter ego he often promotes.

Cacti has already been teased in Scott’s music videos and on a billboard where it appeared in the background. The Forbes interview was the first time Scott has brought Cacti into the forefront. If it is like anything else Scott has put his hands on of late, it will be extremely profitable and successful. Knowing how seriously Scott takes his branding, my guess is the taste will live up to the hype and popularity.

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