Top Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 5 Rumors Busted

Epic Games has managed to come up with an interesting storyline for Fortnite spanning two chapters. They have introduced new weapons, characters, as well as crossovers to keep the players engaged. Sometimes fans love to come up with theories about these, and a few even go viral. While some have an element of truth, most don’t.

Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite has also seen a lot of rumors. Fans have also come up with theories about the upcoming season and its storyline. However, as Epic has released more information, it has busted a lot of these rumors. Buckle up for an unfortunate ride of disappointment.

FNAF, Thanos, and WandaVison will not be arriving at Fortnite

There were pretty strong rumors about Freddy Fazbear from the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise joining the Hunt. Most of these stemmed from some game files that data miners decrypted. It was basically an audio file of footsteps that sounded like Freddy. However, with the arrival of Tron and Snake Eyes instead, this doesn’t seem true any longer.

Fans also believed that Thanos will be making a return to Fortnite following the Marvel crossover. This time, however, he would have been a character skin. This, too, turns out to be false, and it appears that it would be Peter Griffin from Family Guy who would be replacing him.

Another probable crossover that took over YouTube is with WandaVision. The Marvel TV show crossover seems extremely plausible given the comic universe’s history in Fortnite. Once again, these are baseless rumors as there is nothing in the game files supporting this.

Mrs. Midas, Rift Gun, and Season 6 trailers also a hoax

A loading screen poster shows a female version of Midas, who fans believe is Mrs. Midas. The poster got Fortnite fans extremely excited. They started to expect a character skin for the same. Not to break one’s bubble, but this too doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon, given there are no elements in the game files to support the claims.

Another thing from the game and the trailers that got fans’ juices flowing is the Rift Gun. Whenever Agent Jones pulls out hunters to bring them to the game, he uses a similar gun. Fans hoped to see something like this in the game as well. Much to their disappointment, this too is far from the reality.

Finally, there have been a bunch of trailers for Season 6 that have surfaced on YouTube. None of these come from the official Epic Games channels. Therefore, while fans love coming up with Fortnite theories, most of these should be taken with a grain of salt. Instead, they can wait for Epic Games to make official announcements for their dose of excitement.

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