Top 5 Fortnite skins that pros disguised as noobs usually wear

Sometimes, a skin can give away a Fortnite player. Popular streamers wear certain skins, and they are often somewhat unique. Many streamers or pros can be noticed in-game by their skin if it stands out. Many people will try to disguise themselves by using skins that might appear to be what a “noob” might wear.

Others may even lure people in by acting like one, before reverting to their normal play style and racking up eliminations left and right.

Skins Fortnite pros use to trick players

5) Peely

The banana skin released with the Chapter 1 Season 8 battle pass quickly became a noob skin. Not many people were itching to use the banana skin, as it isn’t considered cool or a good tactical choice. It is still extremely popular, highlighting how many noobs do use it. Pros might use this to disguise themselves pretty well.

Peely skin. Image via Android Central
Peely skin. Image via Android Central

4) Lieutenant Evergreen

One of the easiest skins to blend in with, many pros will use this to ironically blend in as a noob. It is very green, and it was given to players for free, so lots of players had this. Pros typically don’t rely on hiding themselves like that, but using one is the perfect disguise.

3) The default skin

The default skin is one that noobs often use because they just don’t have many skins, if any, at all. Tfue, a prominent streamer, notably used no skin for a long time and was often confused with a noob.

2) Rabbit Raider

The Rabbit Raider was added as an Easter skin, and so many people got it. It’s not a bad skin, it’s just extremely popular, which means lots of noobs will have and use it. This makes it a really good disguise for pros who want to blend in

The Rabbit Raider. Image via YouTube
The Rabbit Raider. Image via YouTube

1) Skull Trooper

Skull Trooper. Image via Fortnite Skins
Skull Trooper. Image via Fortnite Skins

The Skull Trooper has had an interesting life in Fortnite. First, it was extremely rare and only long-time players had access to it. After that, Fortnite added it to the Item Shop and everyone bought it. It immediately went from a pro skin to a noob skin, which makes it perfect for this list. The Skull Trooper is no longer considered a pro skin, making it the perfect troll skin.

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