Top 5 Fortnite skin concepts that players would love to see in-game

Fortnite has made its mark on the Battle Royale genre with its amazing cosmetics and skins.

Players absolutely love skins in video games. Fortnite took the ball and ran with it. There are so many skins that each player can be unique in the battle royale lobby even with 100 competitors.

There are always new concepts popping up that fans want to see in the game. At times, there have even been fan skins that were added to Fortnite.

Here are five that Fortnite fanatics really want to see.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 Fortnite concept skins fans want in the game

#5 – Bogo

With Aliens being the main focus of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, a ton of Alien concept skins have come out. One of the most popular and comical ones is that of Bogo, the underpaid alien telemarketer.

It comes with a printer back bling and just makes you laugh when you see it.

#4 – Alpha Borealis

Alpha Borealis has been shown a lot of love on Twitter. This concept is a snowmobile riding renegade with some pretty cool styles. He has sleek hair with some great colors on his outfit.

The back bling is great and at some point, he will get a wolf-like mask/helmet.

#3 – Pyne

Pyne truly looks like it could fit in a Fortnite starter pack or just randomly be added to the item shop come the fall season. The lumberjack comes with a flannel shirt and tree-chopping ax as a harvesting tool.

Further in the tweet’s thread, the creator details different styles known as Human, Forsty, Black Ice, and Minty.

#2 – Punchy

Punchy is an incredible Fortnite skin concept. The character fits right in with some of the stranger non-human creatures that have become Fortnite skins. This punching bag has a few styles and its harvesting tool is a long championship trophy.

#1 – Kevin the Cube

Kevin changed the way Fortnite lore is perceived by its players. Eventually, he went off to a better place, leaving behind Lil’ Kev (back bling). Having said that, it is about time Kevin the Cube returns to take on the battle royale mode.

This concept shows Kevin as a humanoid being and it is astounding. Many have become besotted with Kevin’s skin concept and with good reason.

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