Tomb Raider’s Croft Manor Is Coming To Fortnite Creative

Tomb Raider’s 25 anniversary celebration continues with the announcement that Croft Manor will join Fortnite Creative later this month on March 23.

The celebration of Tomb Raider‘s 25th anniversary continues later this month when Croft Manor arrives in Fornite Creative on March 23. Earlier this year, Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics promised there were a series of surprises in store for the 25th anniversary of Tomb Raider. Thus far, the companies have delivered on said promise.

Throughout the last several months, Square Enix has announced plans to release a Tomb Raider cookbook, a new premium statue from props studio Weta, and an animated series via a partnership with Netflix. In addition, Crystal Dynamics teased a bright future for the gaming franchise, previously noting that whatever the next entry entails will involve a union of the classic series and the reboot trilogy. And, interestingly, news from today’s Square Enix Presents showcase confirmed that players who haven’t given the reboot trilogy a try are in for a treat. The Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy is available to purchase starting today for a meager $19 on the PlayStation and Microsoft storefronts. This steal of a deal ends in the coming weeks, though; come April 2, the price will increase to $50.

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During today’s Square Enix Presents stream, the publisher unveiled another Tomb Raider-centric collaboration with Fortnite. This time players can hop into a “playable adventure” involving a Croft Manor hub for Fortnite Creative. Alliance Studios developed the hub, which is slated to release across all platforms later in the month on March 23. A brief tease of the level features in the following stream video at around the 10:50 mark.

The forthcoming arrival of Croft Manor in Creative is just one of two ways Fortnite is helping to celebrate the adventure franchise’s lengthy history. In addition to all of its other bells and whistles, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 introduced Lara Croft as a crossover character, complete with two separate skins. One skin features Lara in her classic Tomb Raider look, while the other is modeled after her reboot attire.

Square Enix’s showcase boasted a host of other notable reveals, as well. For one, the publisher formally announced the next Life is Strange entry, Life is Strange: True Colors. The PC and PlayStation 5 title Project Athia finally received an official name, too; from here on, the narrative-driven adventure will go by Forspoken.

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Fortnite is available to play on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Android platforms.

Source: Square Enix

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