Throwable alien parasites, expanding no gravity zone, and patch 17.50 in staging servers

While the Fortnite 17.20 update didn’t come through as expected, many leaks did. That speaks volumes about what players can expect in the coming days of the current season.

It’s clear from the Fortnite 17.10 hotfix that the alien presence on the island will greatly increase over time, and players will face alien NPCs more often than not.

According to the leaks from HYPEX, many interesting things related to the aliens will be taking place soon. So, without further ado, it’s time to dive in and take a look at the things to come to Fortnite Season 7.

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Fortnite Season 7 leaks

1) Throwable Parasites

Most players are well aware of alien parasites in-game that can be beneficial if used correctly. However, for the most part, they are better off being left alone. Now, according to a tweet by HYPEX, towards the end of the season, players will be able to pick up parasites and use them as throwable.

While it’s unclear how they will function, given the reliability of the information, players will be in for a doozy towards the end of the season. Hopefully, Epic Games allows players to shoot them mid-air before reaching their intended target.

2) No gravity zone gets larger

Following the Fortnite 17.10 hotfix, Holly Hatchery has been taken over by aliens for devious reasons. While those reasons are unknown, two things can be said with a bit of certainty.

The first being that the no gravity zone will expand over the coming days or weeks perhaps, and secondary, according to HYPEX, other locations in-game may also fall victim to the alien and be converted into working biomes for them.

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3) Fortnite patch 17.50 confirmed

While it’s still too early to confirm, it would seem that Epic Games will be dropping a total of five more patches before Fortnite Season 7 ends. This information perfectly aligns with the end date of the current season, which is supposed to be on September 12th.

Given that the 17.20 patch is scheduled to be dropped on July 13th and keeping a two-week buffer time between each major patch, the last patch for this season will arrive on August 24th. Hopefully, everything goes according to plan for the developers.

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