this trick will allow you to detect if someone is hiding in the bushes

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Shrubs are an item that have been around in Fortnite: Battle Royale for years, although it was gone for a while. In its most recent season, the Battle Royale brought them back in a way that allows entire teams to hide in them. If that bothers you, you’ll be happy to know there is a way to detect them.

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Fortnite players discovered that there is a setting in the PC version of the game that allows you to detect if there are people hiding behind a bush. This trick was shared by u / AriesBosch in the game’s subreddit, proving it’s real.

But what is the configuration that needs to be changed? Just turn off Anti-Aliasing. Thus, the player discovered that a move that would normally only free up resources from his computer also gave him an extra competitive advantage by allowing him to see who is hiding behind the bushes.

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It should be mentioned that this trick does not fully reveal enemies and you have to pay close attention to take advantage of it. We say this since a simple white pixel will be what will reveal that there is someone behind these locations.

If you want to see this trick in action, we recommend you click here.

Another important point is that for the Fortnite community this does not turn out to be entirely new. Firstly, since the competitive community usually plays with the Anti-Aliasion off, so at the high level of the Battle Royale this advantage was already being used. Also, it is an effect that is already available in the mobile version of the game.

And what did you think of this trick? Did you already know him? Tell us in the comments.

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