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One of the most popular creators in the Fortnite community, SypherPK, is trying to make his mark on the game. No, he’s not petitioning Epic for a skin or any other sort of in-game cosmetics. He’s asking for a small, red book in one of his favorite landing spots on the map.

This movement began when Sypher listened to Epic Games Creative Director, Donald Mustard, talk about the community’s effect on Fortnite. For example, the Fortnite team decided to mess with players by having the meteor narrowly miss Tilted Towers in the first in-game event after fans began to widely assume that Tilted would be destroyed.

Mustard made it clear that the Fortnite community has had small impacts on the development of the game over the course of its three-year lifespan. Sypher decided to try to take advantage of this fact by mobilizing the Fortnite community and getting Epic to add a “How to Win” book at the Weather Station.

“How to Win” was one of Sypher’s original Fortnite series, and it continues to this day – albeit less frequently, now. The Weather Station is Sypher’s preferred landing spot during his educational commentaries and discussion videos.

Sypher and his fanbase aren’t asking for too much, here. All they want is for Epic to add a small, red book with the “How to Win” title somewhere at the POI.

In his video, Sypher asked for tweets, hashtags, and – most importantly – memes. He needs “How to Win” to become a meme like the destruction of Tilted and Kevin the Cube. We know that Fortnite loves to incorporate memes, so “How to Win” needs to join the ranks.

Sypher’s first tweet and video are only an hour old at the time of writing, so it’s far too soon to tell whether or not this petition will be successful. If he pulls it off, however, it will be arguably more impressive than having an in-game skin.

So, how about it? We’ll be doing our part by sharing some funny “How to Win” memes on Twitter. Let’s make this happen!

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