These Huge DC Comics Teams Could Be Coming To Fortnite

The limited run of “Fortnite/Batman: Zero Point” has ended and the crossover comic may have revealed some of the game’s potential future skins. Beware of spoilers ahead. 

As reported by CBR, after Batman and Catwoman escaped from the Zero Point and returned to their own world, it was revealed that the incident that trapped Batman in the world of “Fortnite” was no accident. A number of villains orchestrated these events, including The Batman Who Laughs, an alternate universe version of Batman who was twisted by the Joker’s machinations, as well as a few other major DC villains, Lex Luthor and Deathstroke. It’s possible that these villains could end up joining the game as well, even though they’re typically not depicted as members of the Justice League or the Suicide Squad. With another “Batman/Fortnite” one-shot comic set to debut in October (via Screen Rant), fans may get their answers soon enough.

The Reddit leak also included information about a number of upcoming “Fortnite” events and seasons. According to the leak, Epic wants to include Naruto in the Season 8 battle pass, along with an explosive kunai weapon. The leak also said that an in-game Ariana Grande concert is coming soon and is already in the testing phases at Epic. In other words, Epic may have much more than superheroes on the brain.

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