The untold truth of Tfue

Most Twitch streamers aren’t necessarily esports competitors first and foremost, but Tfue has won multiple tournaments. In fact, he calls himself a “professional athlete” in his Twitter description. His wins come from both online and offline tournaments, including places at the Fortnite Fall Skirmish at Twitchcon 2018 and the Twitch Rivals Supergames in 2020. He’s performed solo, as part of duo with former partner Cloak, and as part of a trio.

In November 2020, he played in a Twitch Rivals tournament, which he won with help from other high-profile names you may know. But, he was also forced to forfeit some winnings as a result of being an accessory to a Fall Guys stream-sniping incident that got fellow competitor xQc punished for cheating

Although competition is clearly important to him, Tfue said during a 2019 stream (as reported by PCGamesN) that, after that year’s Fortnite World Cup (in which he didn’t make a great showing), he would stop playing the game competitively and would “rather stream and do bad than not stream.” In other words, online content creation is also a priority for this e-athlete.

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