The Top 3 most popular superheroes to land on the Battle Royale island

Fortnite has been collaborating with Marvel and DC for a very long time; as a result, many popular fan-favourite superheroes have made their way to the game.

Fortnite Chapter 2-Season 4 boosted the interest in the game among comic book nerds, with new Marvel superheroes entering the fray with every new update. The Fortnite community has mixed opinions about the current season, however, in the past, players have loved these new additions to the game. It allowed them to be the superhero that they read about in the comic books. This list goes over the three most popular superheroes to have landed on the island.

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Even though there are ample superheroes in the game as of now, people have especially loved specific superhero cosmetics more than others. In this piece, we’ll be highlighting three popular superheroes who are the most loved by the Fortnite community.

Top 3 popular superheroes to make their way to Fortnite

#1 Iron Man

(Image via Fortnite INTEL)
(Image via Fortnite INTEL)

Iron Man comes as a no-brainer in this list, as he has been leading the Avengers for quite some time now, and has a special place in the hearts of the people, especially after Avengers: End Game. His arrival on to the Fortnite island was applauded by the gamers, as Tony Stark made several Marvel POIs and Stark Industries drop into the virtual world of Fortnite.

Iron Man can be unlocked by buying and reaching the final tiers of the Fortnite Season 4 battle pass. He is also an NPC boss in the game, who stays in Stark Industriesm and has two mythic abilities to his name as well.

#2 Batman

(Image via Epic Games)
(Image via Epic Games)

The DC Universe also had their equal share of the spotlight when Batman dropped into the game during the 80th Anniversary of the character. Moreover, the famous point of interest Tilted Towers, was revamped to be the Gotham City. For those who have seen the movies or read comic books, they can relate with this DC reference in the game.

He was available for purchase in the game for a very brief amount of time, and came back into the item shop with Cat Women.

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#3 Deadpool

(Image via Epic Games)
(Image via Epic Games)

Deadpool is undoubtedly the king of humour, and it didn’t come as a surprise that when he was added to Fortnite, gamers went bonkers for this superhero. His twisted jokes made people fall in love with this character in the game, as well as in the movies. Moreover, he was also an NPC boss in the game, who ended up taking over the Yacht. Later, he was given another POI on the map in the very next season.

He could’ve been obtained through the Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 weekly challenges as he was the secret skin of that season.

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Published 04 Nov 2020, 20:56 IST

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