The return of Lucky Landing, Travis Scott, bug fixes, and more

Fortnite is all set to receive another update. The 15.30 update will drop soon and is set to address a few bugs in the game while potentially advancing the storyline.

Recently, Fortnite teased a potential story angle with Drift and the Fox Clan. Although the teaser’s skin was already made public, there’s a lot more that is yet to be revealed.

Everything that’s part of the Fortnite 15.30 update has not yet been disclosed. But this update will probably answer a few of the community’s questions.

Fortnite 15.30 update early patch notes

According to popular data miner Sizzy, the Fortnite 15.30 update has already been added to the staging servers. So technically, the update will arrive in the game in a week-or-two. There is a lot of speculation about what is arriving.

Firstly, a rumor is that the Travis Scott skin will be available with this update. The skin received the item shop design with the 15.30 update and will most likely arrive with the latest update.

It’s been a while since this skin has been seen in Fortnite, so its return to the game will welcome change for the community.

Secondly, there is no confirmation about the Fox Clan storyline.

However, the teaser’s background featured the Lucky Landing POI, so there’s a chance that Lucky Landing will also return as a part of the Fortnite 15.30 update. Moreover, the series of tweets built up to Vi’s release as a part of the Fortnite Crew pack talked about something following the Fox Clan. Nothing concrete is known about it.

The Fortnite 15.0 update will probably reveal the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 villain to the community.

There have been talks that Epic Games might be introducing weapon attachments in Fortnite. But another data miner by the name of Hypex revealed that the company is also working on vehicular attachments to boost performance. This feature may drop with the Fortnite 15.30 update as well.

There are a few bug fixes that are also inbound with the upcoming update. As per Fortnite’s Trello board, the bug which blocked players vision while aiming down the sights with the back bling equipped has been fixed. The Jumpshot Outfit missing its facial hair is also fixed. There are a few other bugs that have been fixed as well. Gamers can check out the entire list of bug fixes on Fortnite’s Trello board.

Published 27 Jan 2021, 19:59 IST

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