The real reason why Fortnite Competitive has less viewership

Fortnite Competitive and Arena have always been one’s go-to place when players look to up their game. Whether it’s testing your skills or simply watching a pro player box other players like a fish.

Over the years, the viewership of Fortnite Competitive has considerably decreased as Epic Games tries to balance out the game for competitive players by banning certain overpowered weapons. They have done it in the past, and they’ve done it again.

This season, the overpowered RailGun and Recon Scanner make it to the club of banned weapons from Area and Competitive.

Fortnite Season 7 released on 8th June 2021 and it took players less than a week to realize how powerful these two weapons are. When combined together, it’s almost impossible to evade them. From a fun POV, it’s definitely a great addition to the Fortnite loadout, but having an even balance on the competitive part is as important. Hence Epic decided to keep these weapons in normal Pubs only.

So how does that affect Fortnite Competitive viewership?

Competitive Fortnite was at its peak in terms of viewership when the game was busted with broken things. Be it Ballers, Planes, or Swords; people enjoyed watching them in the game.

What Epic Games does is right on their part. Players with higher rank definitely have better aim and building skills, and with a few overpowered weapons, they can cause mayhem in the Fortnite Lobbies. It’s not just Epic, but most competitive players like its standard gameplay with an AR, Shotgun, and heals. Adding such broken weapons disrupts the Competitive ecosystem.

Top Fortnite players like 100T MrSavage, Numby, Gamma Kami, and many more tweeted #RemoveRailGun. And content creator like Faze Replays, NateHill and Sypher PK posted a video of the same. The feedback definitely got these guns out of the lobbies.

Things that Epic Games have banned in the past seasons from Competitive & Arena:

  • Infinity Blade
  • Storm Scout Rifles
  • Planes
  • Mechs
  • Superhero Skins

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