The Real Reason These Game Skins Were Banned Or Removed

While Smite may not garner the same name recognition as League of Legends, it ultimately competes with the larger of the two MOBA titles in part due to its console availability. Smite was first rumored to be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018. Now the title is playable on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch alike. As the game has expanded to new systems, so too has its selection of characters and thus, skins. In 2019 a Baba Yaga character was added to the game. Players can now select from up to seven alternate skins for the character.

Similarly to in Street Fighter 5, not all skins in Smite are tournament viable. The website for the Smite Pro League, which organizes competitive Smite gameplay, includes a list of skins that are banned from competitive play. It cites as a blanket reason that they all include changes to visuals or audio that players have found to be “too intense.” However, developer Titan Forge has remained responsive to those concerns from its player base. Some skins, included in a section of their list, have returned to competitive viability following a one-time ban.

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