The Rarest Apex Legends Skins

“Airship Assassin” was once Wraith’s most coveted skin, and for good reason. This Legendary Exclusive skin is every steampunk fan’s greatest dream, outfitting Wraith in a brassy, leather-clad getup, complete with enough tubing, buckles, and metal contraptions to make even the most ambitious cosplayer weep. It’s a fancy recolor of her existing “Void Specialist” skin, another convention-worthy outfit with a bit more of a classic sci-fi vibe.

“Airship Assassin” was available for only a few weeks after the initial release of Apex Legends, meaning that only the game’s first players had access to the skin for quite a while. It was so rare in gameplay that it practically became synonymous with “TTV Wraiths,” streamers who had mained the character since the early days of the game.

As with “Flashpoint” and “Bot of Gold,” this skin isn’t quite as rare as it used to be. It made a brief return to the Apex Item Store during the 2020 Black Friday sales event, meaning that anyone who started playing after February 2019 finally had their shot at the skin. It disappeared again after the sales event, however, so it’s still pretty uncommon to see the stealthy steampunk Wraith running around.

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