The MCU’s Biggest Villain Is Returning To Fortnite

There are many more skins that have been previously available that fans hope make a comeback, but Thanos is an odd case. While the character model was built for the game, it was never actually available for players to use outside of the limited-time mode. 

This may mark the longest time between a character getting added into “Fortnite” and the character being available for people to purchase normally. Most crossovers with limited-time modes, like the recent NBA event, have the skins related to the event available in the shop for purchase almost immediately. Regardless, this most likely will not be the last Marvel character to join “Fortnite.”

“Fortnite” has continued to be the most dominant video game when it comes to crossovers with other IP, and it has shown no signs of slowing down. While the Thanos Cup is live, “Fortnite” is in the midst of a comic book crossover with Batman. Rick from “Rick and Morty” is in the current battle pass, and characters like Aloy from “Horizon Zero Dawn” and Master Chief from “Halo” have both been available for purchase in the past. In other words, the third-person shooter has enough different characters to fulfill any fan fiction battle that fans want — and now they must once again contend with Thanos.

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