The Mandalorian Gets Another Nerf in Fortnite Season 5

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One of the very first things we saw in Fortnite Season 5 was the introduction of one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy ⁠– The Mandalorian himself.

Armed with his Beskar Sniper Rifle, this dangerous foe is no joke as he can quickly take you out of a match just as soon as you enter it.

If you thought he was a problem in a regular match where he’s just a roaming NPC, then you might want to check out the Mando’s Bounty LTM where he can drop down and immediately start causing problems.

This LTM gives players the chance to earn an exclusive Beskar Umbrella, so it’s worth playing for that alone, but many players have complained about the difficulty.

Epic has already dropped one nerf, but now a second one has come in and this one is targetting Mando’s strength.

Mando Nerf Hits Hard

We don’t know the exact stats that were changed, but Epic did confirm that the bounty hunter will no longer be as accurate as he was, which should make things a bit safer for you if you’re trying to collect this umbrella.

The NPCs in Fortnite have always been in a weird spot because it feels like they either beam you straight back to the lobby, or they will just miss every spot. It’s been difficult to find common ground, so this does seem like it’ll be a step in the right direction.

Keep in mind that this will only affect The Mandalorian in this LTM, so the one that’s roaming around in a regular lobby will still have the same stats as before.

How Long is This LTM Staying?

If you want this umbrella, then you’re quickly running out of time to get your Bounty Royale as this mode will be rotating out on February 9 according to an Epic Games blog post.

All you’ll have to do is claim a victory, and with these recent nerfs coming in, it might be a lot easier than it previously was.

Consider giving it another try now and see what you can do!

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