The Flash ‘Fortnite’ Skin Leaked — When And How To Get It For Free

The fastest man alive is dashing into Fortnite’s Item Shop soon.

Barry Allen joins his pal Oliver Queen—aka the Green Arrow—as new DC-by-way-of-the-CW skins in the battle royale game.

Both skins are clearly modeled on the CW versions of these characters, both of whom come from shows that started out great and ended in flames.

The big difference between these two skins other than how they look? The Green Arrow was a Fortnite Crew exclusive. The only way to get him was to subscribe to Epic’s monthly V-Bucks service.

The Flash is coming to the Item Shop but not before you’ll have a chance to nab him for free. According to dataminers who leaked the skin, the Flash will be a prize for the winners of the Flash Cup which starts and ends on Wednesday, February 10th.

If you’re good enough, you’ll have a chance to win the skin. Otherwise, the Flash will be in the Fortnite Item Shop sometime down the road.

Here’s what the Flash skin looks like:

Pretty cool, though I think I want a Cisco Ramon skin more. A Reverse Flash would be pretty cool too, especially if he had the ability to change into his other form.

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