The Best Fortnite Season 6 Loadout

Fortnite season six has made some major changes to the weapons that add a new twist to the best loadout, which has remained mostly the same.

Season six has brought some major changes to Fortnite that have had an impact on what the ideal loadout is. With the addition of new weapons, items, and a crafting system, there are a lot of options at the player’s disposal each time they drop from the Battle Bus.

In any given game of Fortnite, there are three items that should always be featured in the player’s loadout. Assault rifles are significantly important, allowing players to pepper shots off at longer ranges, spray down another player’s builds, or clean up a damaged opponent. The type of assault rifle will always come down to player preference, but it’s generally important to always have one on hand. The next two slots are generally reserved for healing items, and at least one should hold some form of potions. Depending on what the player may loot, the third slot should include either another type of potion, fish, or med kits. These three items form the foundation of a pretty typical loadout in Fortnite, but there is one item that players should go out of their way to acquire in season six.

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The shotgun is easily the most important component to any Fortnite loadout, as many fights will ultimately come down to close-quarters situations. Fortnite season six has seen the return of the beloved pump shotgun, but it has also added the new primal shotgun. While the non-legendary pump shotgun can no longer kill a player at 200 health in one shot, it’s still fun to use and incredibly effective. However, Fortnite’s primal shotgun, and its mythic counterpart found at The Spire, has proven to be an incredibly strong and borderline-overpowered weapon.

Because Fortnite’s primal shotgun fires two consecutive shots for every pull of the trigger, it deals a ridiculous amount of damage in very quick succession, making it a terrific choice for players who may struggle with the accuracy and timing of the pump shotgun. Regardless of which shotgun the player is most comfortable using, they are must have items in any Fortnite season 6 loadout.

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The final slot in the loadout is the most flexible choice and really comes down to personal preference or what the player manages to find during a game, whether it’s a weapon or some other item. However, in Fortnite season six, the bow has emerged as a terrific choice for this utility slot. Depending on how Fortnite’s bows are crafted, players can use bows to burn down buildings, damage targeted areas with explosives or gas, and even use them for movement with shockwave arrows. There are so many different ways bows can be utilized in Fortnite season six that they make for a great choice in the final slot of the loadout.

At this stage, the best Fortnite loadout isn’t anything particularly surprising and it’s roughly along the lines of what players should expect. The combination of an assault rifle, shotgun, two healing items, and a bow to round everything out has proven to be a pretty strong loadout in season six. Using that as a blueprint, players can figure out which specific weapons they find to be the most comfortable and adapt their drop locations to ones that cater towards the particular weapons they are hoping to find or craft. There are a lot of players out there who have gotten really good at building, so locking in on a strong loadout is a great starting point to securing Fortnite’s newest victory umbrella in season six.

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