The Best Fortnite Season 5 Landing Spot, According to Streamer Sypher PK

Popular Twitch streamer Sypher PK believes he has discovered the best location to land in Fortnite season 5, sharing the spot in a recent video.

With every new Fortnite season released, the overall best landing location is debated over by the many fans of the battle royale game. However, Twitch streamer Sypher PK believes he has already found the best spot to land in the latest season of Fortnite content, tasking players with dropping right in the center of the map.

Regardless of whether players are dressed as Master Chief or Daryl from The Walking Dead, reaching Sypher PK’s spot is going to require a bit of skill. For the players who believe they have the necessary finesse when it comes to Fortnite’s landing mechanics, though, the spot can provide a major advantage for players in the early game. Next time Fortnite fans drop onto the island, flying directly into the Zero Point may be a good idea.

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With Fortnite’s latest season being named after the Zero Point location, it makes sense that there would be good loot to gather from entering the portal. While crossover characters like Kratos and The Mandalorian have made their way through the story device, entering the Zero Point spits players out in an area below. While the location players arrive in may not be the leaked base of the mysterious Order faction, Sypher PK points out that it does offer “three chests” and “a bunch of extra loot.”

While Fortnite may add some unique new mechanics like Dynamic Ice in the next Winterfest, the game currently feels a lot like traditional Fortnite. As such, getting loot early on in a match is going to be incredibly important for survival and later success, making the Zero Point landing spot an effective starter area. However, Sypher PK also tells players that there “is always gonna be a Slurp Truck” at the landing spot, meaning that they can get some consistent access to health and shields on top of the weapons.

While a handful of chests and a Slurp Truck are certainly useful, the biggest perk of landing in this Fortnite Season 5 location comes as an automatic reward for choosing the spot. If players land inside the Zero Point, they will be given 50 points worth of shields as soon as the brief teleportation cutscene ends. This bonus boost to health provides a major advantage in the fights against the players landing nearby, giving players yet another head start on their way to a Victory Royale.

While Fortnite fans have already been getting excited about the possibility of Jonesy joining the Smash Bros. roster, this landing spot should get players hyped too. However, those trying out the spot should be warned that Sypher PK’s video may make the landing location a bit more popular going forward.

Fortnite is free-to-play for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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