Terry Crews and his Son Stream Danganronpa on Twitch

Terry Crews and his son Isaiah Crews stream Danganronpa together to raise money for charity, with the stream quickly going viral.

Over the last few years, countless celebrities have streamed on Twitch, from Drake hopping into a few games of Fortnite with Ninja to Snoop Dogg frequently playing Madden on the platform. American Congresswoman AOC even streamed Among Us recently alongside Jagmeet Singh, Pokimane, Corpse, and more, raising money for charity and having one of the most-watched broadcasts in the website’s history.

The most recent of these cameos is by far the strangest, however, with Terry Crews and his son Isaiah Crews teaming up to stream an unexpected game yesterday for charity. While most stars look to get involved with the likes of Fortnite, Among Us, or a sports game such as Madden, the pair instead streamed Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

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The broadcast instantly became a viral success, as players mused about how bizarre it was to see a high-profile actor like Crews hopping onto the cult-classic Japanese visual novel adventure game. As expected from the hilarious star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, White Chicks, and The Expendables, several amazing clips quickly surfaced online. From Crews hugging to the camera and calling the audience his “little pogchamp[s]” to the actor announcing his favorite Danganronpa girl was Junko (in spite of his son hating her), fans simply couldn’t believe the stream was happening.

Someone even paid Crews hundreds of dollars to show off his muscles, with the actor happily obliging. The entire thing was a fitting cap off to 2020 in general, with fans seemingly all asking the question: “what timeline are we living in?” While seeing the actor playing Danganronpa was far from what viewers expected when they woke up yesterday, it seemed the entire event was a ton of fun, with Crews and his son managing to raise over $20,000 for the American Red Cross. The pair will be doing another stream in a couple of weeks, although it won’t be for charity but to just hang out and play more Danganronpa.

Of course, Crews isn’t a stranger to the video game scene or even streaming in general. The actor has starred in two video games before, portraying Benjamin King in Saints Row 4 and Commander Isaiah Jaxon in Crackdown 3. He’s also streamed before on the app Caffeine, playing games like Overwatch with his fans. It will be interesting to see if the star’s appearence on Twitch turns into something more regular, especially considering Isaiah Crews seems to be a big fan of Danganronpa and the pair’s wholesome chemistry could easily warrant more sessions of the game.

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