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EXCLUSIVE: SypherPK On The Future of Fortnite, Existence of SBMM and Being Inspired by TimTheTatman

SypherPK is one of the biggest Fortnite streamers in the world. Right from his Runescape days, his rise to the top as one of the best content creators in the world has been meteoric. Not only is his content around Fortnite extremely consistent, but it has also changed the way people perceive the game. At this point, it would be safe to call him the “Face of Fortnite” too.

We had the amazing opportunity to interview Sypher, thanks to Klarna’s “Playing For Keeps” event. Sypher keeps it real as he talks about Fortnite, his love for content creation, and his choice between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Take a look at how the conversation unfolded, below.

SypherPK x EssentiallySports

You are one of the biggest Fortnite creators in the world and have been consistent with your content around the game. What motivated /inspired you to stick to the game over the years?

“You know, I feel like I have a track record of, you know, obsessing over certain games and sticking with them for a very long time. Before Fortnite, I played Runescape for almost 10 years. And then, I played Elder Scrolls Online for three years, and I made a lot of content around the game. I typically like to master a game and create a tonne of content around it, and be the guy that people go to when they need to know something about the game. I’ve kind of done the same thing with Fortnite. So it’s something I’m very good at, is understanding the game on a deep level, and being able to make content to let people know what’s going on, to update them and it’s been pretty successful. So I’m really good at it. And I’m planning to stick to it. Yeah, there’s no doubt about you being good at Fortnite.”

Of course, you being a PC player would prefer that over the consoles but given a choice, which one would you pick: PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X?

“The PS5 or the new Xbox? You know, I’ve always been an Xbox guy, because of the Halo series being exclusive to Xbox. And I feel like I would have to stick to my roots. I’m I grew up playing on the Xbox 360 and I loved Halo. And you know, I’m looking forward to that new Halo game that’s coming out. And I know it’s not going to be on ps4. So I’ll have to go with Xbox.”

Alex Hutchinson (creative director Stadia) recently made a comment saying ‘streamers should play game companies’. Obviously, this created quite an uproar in the community. What is your take on it?

“Yeah, so I saw that tweet it caused quite a storm. I don’t think he has the right perspective. Because we’ve seen games just this year, we’ve seen games like Fall guys and Among Us, rise to the top and become extremely successful mainly due in part to content creators playing those games. There’s a huge value that those content creators bring, especially to newer games. Now, you can argue with games like Fortnite. Maybe now Fortnite isn’t completely in need of all the content creators playing it, maybe the benefit isn’t as lucrative for Fortnite.

But even Fortnite has, you know, the creator code program, and they share the revenue stream with the content creators, who you know, promote the item shop and their viewers purchasing from the item shop. Even Fortnite is sharing that revenue stream. So even the most successful game, one of the most popular games in the world understands the value that content creators bring. So we’ve seen big games and small games, see that value and understand it. I think his perspective is wrong. The music side of things is a completely different story. But I think comparing it to the gaming side is not the right move.”

What are your thoughts on Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban and Twitch’s rule that does not allow you to stream with him?

“Well, those are just the terms of service. So if someone’s banned, you know, Twitch has the right to not allow people to play with that person. And since we don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes, it’s hard to comment on it.”

Tell me something about your collaboration with Klarna. How exciting or scary is it to be giving away a part of your own setup to someone. Like, are you excited to know who can beat you?

“Yeah, so, you know, whatever we’re doing a show like this it can be a little nerve-racking because I’m not in my usual environment. I’m somebody who is very comfortable streaming from home and that’s my day to day routine. So, to put me in a different situation, to go against my viewers, it’s going to be exciting, it’s going to be thrilling. I’m sure that somebody can beat me. And I’m sure that, you know, Klarna is gonna try to make sure that I have a challenge ahead of me with some of the stuff they’re going to be doing on the show to kind of distract me and potentially let one of the viewers win. But I’m going to try my best to put up a good fight before somebody takes my rig.”

A lot of people are suggesting that Fortnite is a dying game. Do you believe that?

“Oh, no, not at all. So Fortnite is still one of the most popular games, one of the most-watched games in the world. I think what’s happening is, you know, some groups of people might be leaving Fortnite. And if you’re in that group, you know, your friends might have stopped playing and your perspective, the game is dying. But for every person was leaving there, many people still play the game, but many new people who join the game, every single day. A lot of that just comes down to perspective. There’s so many popular games that people claim has been dying for years, and they’re still around. You know, if you personally do not enjoy the game anymore, you might feel it that it’s dying. But the reality is, it’s not even close. The game is still very successful and the numbers show it.”

What are your thoughts on Fortnite Casual & Competitive? The way Epic is shaping things, you think it is more casual-friendly at the moment?

“It’s definitely more casual, friendly and actually, this is one of the first times I’ve seen them make a very strong distinction between Epic – competitive and casual. You know, in the past, everything that was in the game was on both casual and competitive. And now they’re doing a good job of putting things up. And some things are in competitive only, and some items are in casual only. This is creating for a very balanced and good system.”

The hottest topic right now is Skill Based Matchmaking. What are your thoughts on that? Should it exist in games or does it need an extreme makeover?

“So Skill Based Matchmaking can definitely be very frustrating, especially for people who stream games. Because a lot of the time when you’re streaming, you’re good enough to be among the top players. But maybe when you’re streaming, you’re in a different situation, you’re not good enough to always play against the top players, and it can be exhausting to stream for eight hours, and you’re only going against really good players. However, Skill Based Matchmaking, I understand from a business side and from a casual side, it is necessary.

Sometimes it’s overdone, but one thing I’ve noticed, in regards to Fortnite is they’ve constantly been making changes on the backend for Skill Based Matchmaking. Even though they haven’t publicly said that. I can tell from my own gaming, that in the past, the skill-based matchmaking fortnight used to be extremely strict. And I would only go against players who were really good. Now it’s like a good mix. So there is skill-based matchmaking, but it’s not as punishing for players who are above average. So I think there’s a healthy balance i think i think it needs to exist. I think there’s a healthy balance and a lot of game companies are still trying to find to please both sides.”

Which is that one feature you would want to bring back to Fortnite permanently?

“Probably the siphon ability in all game modes. Basically, if you eliminate a player, I mean in competitive right now if you eliminate a player, you get a certain amount of health back. And the player you eliminated cops an extra, you know, 50 wood, brick, and metal. They used to have that in all the modes and then they removed it because a lot of really good players were beating up a lot of the new players with siphon it was making it easier. But now that we have skill-based, I think they should reconsider bringing back siphon to all the game modes.”

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