Summer Midas and Brutus skins, Alien Parasites, Cosmic Summer quests, and more

Rather than being the first major update for the season, Fortnite update 17.10 has turned out to be much larger than expected. The sheer volume of content showcased via leaks is unimaginable.

With new POIs, bundles, skins, items, emotes, cosmetics, challenges, and probably a kitchen sink, the update has brought many major changes. It’s time to dive into the Fortnite update 17.10 head first and check out the patch notes.

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Fortnite update 17.10 patch notes

Due to the abundance of content released following the first major update, this article will only deal with the most critical aspects of Fortnite update 17.10.

Alien parasites

According to HYPEX, the most-awaited alien parasites will be introduced to the game soon. While there is no timeline for the same, rest assured they are coming.

In addition to the confirmation, new texts have also been added about the same.

Recon scanner

The Recon Scanner has been slightly nerfed following the Fortnite update 17.10. Based on the latest patch notes, the marking duration has been reduced to 10 seconds from the original 15.

Given how the meta of Fortnite Season 7 has primarily been the IO weapons, it’s easy to understand why this happened. As the season progresses, many other IO and alien weapons should be getting slight nerfs as well.

Summer Midas, Brutus, and Jules

With the introduction of the Summer Midas bundle following the Fortnite update 17.10, there are rumors of the character returning to the game as an NPC. Given that Marigold is already present in-game, this theory is not too far-fetched.

In addition to the Summer Midas bundle, a Summer Brutus and Jules outfit will be coming to the game. While the pricing of these bundles hasn’t yet been revealed, given their popularity, they may cost roughly 1000 V-Bucks.

Mothership POI and new UFOs

The big reveal is finally here. Following the Fortnite update 17.10, players can now get a glimpse of the interior of the Mothership.

In addition to a brand new POI within the Alien Mothership, new Fortnite UFOs known as “Abductors” will begin to abduct players and take them inside the Mothership.

Alongside the Mothership, POIs such as Lucky Landing and Butter Barn can be seen as well. This could indicate that throughout Fortnite Season 7, many other such POIs will be appearing inside of the Alien Mothership.

Here’s a video of the same:

Cosmic Summer Challenges

It looks like alongside the Cosmic Summer Party, many challenges will be there for players to complete. These challenges could prov many cosmetic items as rewards.

New items and weapons

These are the new items that have been added in-game following the Fortnite update 17.10.

Zyg and Choppy’s Ray Gun

The Mythic variant of the Ray gun, players can obtain it in-game after defeating the new alien NPC.

Alien Nanites

This item will supposedly create a small alien biome in the area where it’s thrown. It’s unclear, however, what precisely this biome does.

Going through speculation and old leaks, it may create a zero gravity zone for a short duration.


Based on the description, the item will allow players to roll down hills and bounce off cliffs. However, it’s still unclear how exactly this item will work in-game.

Alien Knockgun Launcher

First teased before the start of Season 7, the Alien Knockgun Launcher is finally in the game following Fortnite update 17.10 update. Much like the Ray Gun, this weapon may also be obtainable from downed alien NPCs.

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