Stranger Things Smite Crossover Skins Include Demogorgon & Eleven

Smite’s next battle pass will add give its heroes official Stranger Things crossover skins, including Eleven, the Demogorgon, and Hopper.

This July, Smite will be adding several Stranger Things crossover skins, including Eleven and The Demogorgon. Last summer, Smite added several Avatar The Last Airbender skins to the game, and now it appears the free-to-play MOBA will be doing it again.

With season four of Stranger Things coming soon, the show had been lending itself to different avenues to presumably generate publicity. Just last week, Dead by Daylight got its own Stranger Things crossover, which included skins for Steve, Nancy, and The Demogorgon. Of those three, one of them is returning for the recently revealed Smite and Stranger Things crossover.

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During Thursday’s Summer Game Fest livestream, Smite released the trailer showcasing the different skins coming in the crossover. The main attractions are the two Eleven skins for the Greek god Scylla. The first Eleven skin is her dress and jean jacket combo, and the other being her Starcourt outfit from season three. The other headliner is The Demogorgon, which will be a skin for Bakasura, the man-eating demon from Hindu lore (a fitting pairing).

Other skins include The Mind Flayer for Sylvanus, the Roman god of the woods, and a pair of Hopper skins for the Greek god Apollo: one being Hopper’s typical officer outfit, and the other being Hopper’s P.I. skin, also from season three. The skins will release in the next battle pass on July 13, along with a new Stranger Things-themed arena.

Skin crossovers are one of the more lucrative deals that games can engage in: also during Summer Game Fest 2021, a Fall Guys and NieR: Automata crossover skin was revealed. And then, of course, there’s also the heap or Fortnite crossovers that come out seemingly every other week. As long as they’re executed properly, skin crossovers can be one of the most lucrative and mutually beneficial business ventures for every party involved.

To make matters better, most of the skins fit their gods thematically, save for Hopper being assigned to the Greek god of music. Bakasura as The Demogoron is perhaps one of the best, no-brainers in terms of fit considering the lore for both of them. While not as snug of a fit, The Mind Flayer and Eleven suit their respective gods well enough to where one could draw a connection between the Smite gods and their Stranger Things parallels.

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Source: Smite/Youtube

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