Storyline of The Seven, Geno, and IO so far

Fortnite Season 6 started with a bang.

Agent Jonesy betrayed the order, The Foundation crashed into the map on a meteor, and a reality wave caused the island to get stuck back in time, which gave rise to the “Primal” theme.

These events were all just part of the teaser for Fortnite Season 6, and so much more is yet to come as leaks keep dropping in.

The storyline of Fortnite Season 6 seems to be all over the place. On one side, it ties into the Batman x Fortnite comics collaboration that connects the Caped Crusader and his entourage to the events happening in-game (players may even get to see Deathstroke and Batman go face to face).

On the other side, there’s the have rouge agent Jonesy, The Foundation, Geno, The Sisters, and so many more potential characters that could be added to Fortnite Season 6 as time progresses.

It’s time to take a step back, sit down, analyze the storyline so far, and try to make sense of it all.

The storyline of Fortnite Season 6: How its gotten here

After Agent Jones recruited the hunters in Season 5, he concluded that the Zero Point had become too unstable to ignore. Attempts to persuade the IO to stabilize the Zero Point before it blew sky high ended in vain, and Jonesy decided to go rogue after his credentials were revoked.

Jonesy broke into the Image Order’s headquarters, stole the files, and made a getaway to the Island. He was next seen riding the Battle Bus towards the Zero Point in Fortnite Season 6’s Zero Crisis story cinematic

The storyline of Fortnite Season 6: What is known so far

Following his escape from the IO complex, Agent Jones tried to make his way towards the Zero Point but fell short of doing so after a reality wave threw him off the bus.

While this would be no big deal under normal circumstances, Jonesy is currently not inside of the loop in Fortnite Season 6. This allows him to retain his memories, communicate, and not be forced to fight others. However, this comes as a price; if Agent Jones dies, he will not respawn, and it’ll be game over.

After dodging his way to the Zero Point, he managed to contact The Seven and opens a portal to allow The Foundation to crash land into the map on a meteor. Several leaks suggest that in Fortnite Season 6, random meteor showers may soon occur on the island.

While it’s sheer speculation, the event may be linked to story development and progression.

Upon exiting the meteor, The Foundation began engaging Jones and only stopped after the latter mentioned the word “Geno,” agreeing to help him stabilize the Zero Point.

Agent Jones asks The Foundation to help him stabilize the Zero Point (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Agent Jones asks The Foundation to help him stabilize the Zero Point (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

The storyline of Fortnite Season 6: The Zero Crisis

After The Foundation agreed to help stabilize the Zero Point, reality waves keep bombarding the map’s landscape. Once all portals were closed, the Zero Point bloomed like a flower and was no longer controllable.

Instead of letting the Zero Point explode, The Foundation sacrificed himself to contain it within The Spire. This was after Jones overloaded his portal device, officially trapping himself within the loop. However, it didn’t explain why the island had been sent back in time.

Thankfully, though, Epic Games did so on its website:

“During the Zero Crisis finale, Agent Jones and The Foundation sealed the zero point in a tower of stone. As the Zero Point was being contained, it sent a mysterious pulse across the island, erasing any advanced technology in its path and reshaping the landscape of the island.”

This event explains why parts of the island are in a primal state, while other parts have been unaffected. Snipers have been replaced with bows, while players can craft items from materials and even tame animals in Fortnite Season 6.

Who is Geno, and what does it have to do with the IO?

Geno could very well be one of the founders of the IO, along with The Sisters. While this is purely speculation, during the fight between Agent Jones and The Foundation, he mentioned Geno and The Sisters, resulting in The Foundation agreeing to help stop the Zero Crisis.

At the beginning of the Fortnite Season 6 Zero Crisis trailer, Doctor Slone tells Jonesy that he’ll betray the IO if he goes to The Seven for help. While this is just speculation, the symbols on IO’s logo may represent each sister, the biggest hint being the centerpiece which looks like the letter “S.”

Symbols on the IO Logo (Image via YouTube/LeeJow)
Symbols on the IO Logo (Image via YouTube/LeeJow)

Given that The Seven and IO are not on the best of terms, Jonesy’s decision to go to them for help may paint a target on his back for betraying the organization.

Fortnite Season 6 has just gotten started, and players can’t enough. While no one is sure how the new season will progress, it’s most likely that The Foundation will escape The Spire and track down Jones, who has to keep his promise of getting the former to Geno.

Published 22 Mar 2021, 15:37 IST

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