Start Date, Alien Invasion And More

Aliens are coming to Fortnite . . . again. Various extraterrestrial events—a crop circle, UFOs snatching up players—have already basically made it clear that Season 7 is ditching the “Primal” stuff and going full alien. It’s almost a shame Epic already released the Alien skins. Oh well.

A new leak confirms all of this, basically, with the words “They’re Coming” and the Season 7 start-date which is next Tuesday, June 8th.

Here’s the teaser which leakers and dataminers have posted to Twitter, TikTok and elsewhere.

The purple stuff seems to indicate that Kevin the Cube is involved in this coming season somehow. Certainly we’ll also get a continuation of the story of the Seven and their meddling with events great and small on the Fortnite island. Jonesy’s quest to find hunters and other warriors to fight off impending doom will also likely continue.

What I hope does not continue is the obession Epic Games has with NPCs and making it all but impossible to sift through weekly challenges, Legendary challenges and menus in general. The game is a confusing, overly bloated mess right now at least in terms of challenges and menus. I’d be happy if we just went back to how this used to work, with easy-to-find and read challenge tables each week. Maybe some special loading screens with hidden Battle Stars. I miss Battle Stars also. XP is lame.

Anyways, Season 7 kicks off next week. If you have a Crew membership the Battle Pass is included. You can see this month’s Crew skin and other goodies right here.

Check out the big game releases and announcements coming in June right here or watch the video I put together below. Thanks for stopping by!

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