Starfield leak: Screenshots of gameplay and concept arts have surfaced

A gameplay screenshot of the heavily anticipated Bethesda game, Starfield has been leaked. Starfield is supposed to be the newest RPG addition to the franchise. Fans have been waiting for more information on the game, but Bethesda has informed them that the game has a long time to hit the stores. However, the gameplay screenshot surfacing on the web has generated humongous hype. The leak also gives the players and fans an idea of how the game is going to be designed.

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Starfield Leak: Screenshots of gameplay and more

Starfield is an RPG-based in the space environment. It is meant to take Skyrim’s groundbreaking open world tactics to space. Bethesda is responsible for heavy hitters such as The Elder Scrolls series and the Fallout series, so fans are anticipating Starfield to be the next big thing by Bethesda.

The leaked gameplay screenshots show the player in the third-person camera set up. This is new for Bethesda as most of their games have a first-person style of gameplay. The leaked screenshot shows an astronaut standing across a spaceship with a HUD on the bottom corner. In the HUD individuals have observed a health meter, a stamina meter, and a newly added oxygen level meter or a jetpack fuel indicator, which looks to be an addition due to the outer world nature of the game.

The HUD also shows that the player has a shotgun on them, but it isn’t visible on the player in the screenshot. Another screenshot shows a blueprint of a space ship design for the game. It shows the internals of the space ship and gives an in-depth insight into the space ship.

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Starfield is a big contender

The screenshots that have surfaced are from the 2108 build of the game. However Sony has been after Bethesda to get Starfield on as an exclusive game for the PS5. But for Sony, this doesn’t look like a possibility anymore as Microsoft has acquired Bethesda.

It looks like Starfield could possibly become an Xbox exclusive due to this deal, but no official announcement has been made yet by Microsoft or Bethesda. Bethesda has asked its fans to have patience as no new information about the game is going to be announced until 2021. There has been no official announcement on the Starfield release date either.

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