Spire Quests, Arena playlists, Bug fixes, and more

The patch notes for Fortnite update 3.12 can now be accessed by players on PS4 and Xbox One. The latest patch, in the form of Fortnite update 3.12, brings bug fixes, gameplay adjustments, and tweaks. The Fortnite 3.12 update will also fix various general stability issues.

What does Fortnite update 3.12 contain?

The general size of this update is approximated to be almost 500 MB. Fortnite has not commented on why it’s so big, but they have stated what they fixed in their notes. The Fortnite Community Trello page has stated that these are the new fixes:

We’re investigating an issue where players are unable to retry Raz’s and Tarana’s Spire Quests and cannot progress. We’ll provide more information when this is resolved. Players blocked from progressing Tarana’s or Raz’s Spire Quests should now be able to retry and complete them. This issue is now resolved. Players are no longer blocked from progressing Tarana’s and Raz’s Spire Quests and can now complete them.

There is a PC patch from Epic regarding competitive playlists in the Fortnite update 3.12, which are included below. Epic Games are yet to state if these updates are for console players as well.

According to Epic Games:

“We’re investigating two separate issues with competitive playlists. 1. Players cannot see Arena playlists in the playlist select menu. 2. When queuing into competitive playlists (Arena or tournaments), the queue will cancel automatically. Players experiencing the first issue can queue into another game mode and leave the match to have Arena playlists available again. We’ll update you when we have more information. We’ve released a maintenance patch on PC to address these two issues. Available to download upon opening or relaunching the game. We’ll provide an update as these issues are addressed on all remaining platforms. Players on Performance Mode may still not see Arena displayed in the playlist select menu. The workaround provided above still works to resolve this in the meantime.”

The next patch after Fortnite update 3.12 is set to come on Thursday, and it is strange that Epic Games didn’t release both of them together. It could be that they needed these fixes quickly, or that they didn’t think it would matter if they came at different times. Either way, players should be excited about the fixes upcoming in Fortnite update 3.12.

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Fortnite Update 3.12 is likely just fixing bugs and possibly adding something to aid the next update, but all of that is merely speculation at this point.

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Published 06 Apr 2021, 19:55 IST

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