Spider-Man may Jump in Fortnite’s Season 4

With the arrival of Fortnite’s season 4, we’ve noticed a massive wave of superheroes coming from the MCU directly in the game. One of the more surprising ones is She-Hulk, which is accessible for those who own the Battle Pass, by accomplishing a task.

However, it seems that more superheroes are scheduled to arrive in Fortnite, and one of them is Spider-Man. A while ago, known Fortnite data miners confirmed a new addition of achievements in Fortnite, among which Spider-Man and his enemy Carnage are on the list.

If Spider-Man arrives in Fortnite, we believe it will be the next sweaty skin players will play. Furthermore, Data Miners have also discovered Black Panther related POI and his abilities appearing in the Fortnite files. So, there might be a whole new list of “Avengers” coming to Fortnite, rather than Spider-Man himself.

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