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Spellbreak release date and start time is fast approaching, with Proletariat about to launch their brand new Battle Royale game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PCs. Spellbreak is the latest new entry into the ever growing Battle Royale genre that Fortnite turned into a gaming sensation. But unlike Epic Games’ all conquering title, or other games of its ilk like Warzone or Apex Legends, Spellbreak tries something a bit different.

Instead of the guns that Fortnite or Warzone characters wield, Spellbreak players will use magic to deal damage to opposing characters. The upcoming free download also features gorgeous, Breath of the Wild-style cel-shaded graphics which give it a striking look.

Developers Proletariat have confirmed that Spellbreak will have a release date of Thursday September 3, and at launch play across a wide range of platforms will be supported.

The official Spellbreak Twitter posted: “#Spellbreak launches September 3, 2020 on PS4, PC, Xbox, and Switch! Free-to-play, cross-play, cross-party, and cross-progression on all platforms at launch. BECOME THE ULTIMATE BATTLEMAGE.”

In terms of a start time, the official Spellbreak website is running a countdown down till the game’s launch. And according to that countdown Spellbreak will launch at 3pm BST on Thursday September 3.

For those in other regions that’s 7am pacific time, 10am eastern time and 4pm CEST.

Ahead of the Spellbreak launch fans have found out what rewards are on offer if they purchase any of the founders packs on offer.

While Spellbreak is a free-to-play game, PC gamers can purchase a number of founders pack to gain some additional rewards.

These are as follows…

• Mage Pack: Access to All Future Test Phases & Launch, 3,500 Gold, Patchwork Outfit & Mage Badge.

 Battlemage Pack: Access to All Future Test Phases & Launch, 6,000 Gold, Patchwork Outfit & Mage Badge, Bughunter Outfit & Battlemage Badge.

 Master Pack: Access to All Future Test Phases & Launch, 15,000 Gold, Patchwork Outfit & Mage Badge, Bughunter Outfit & Battlemage Badge, Keymaster Outfit & Master Badge.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s more details on what the day one Spellbreak download will bring to the table, including details on the character classes available…


Become the Ultimate Battlemage: Spellbreak is a multiplayer action-spellcasting game where you unleash your inner battlemage. Master elemental magic to fit your playstyle and cast powerful spell combinations to dominate other players across the Hollow Lands.

Build Your Battlemage: Choose a class: Frostborn, Conduit, Pyromancer, Toxicologist, Stoneshaper, or Tempest. Each has its own playstyle, which you can customise with talents as you grow in power. Which will you master?

Combine the Elements: A mighty battlemage isn’t limited to just one ability. Seize hold of two powerful magic gauntlets and blend devastating spell combinations to control the battlefield with fiery tornadoes, electrified gas clouds, and more!

Outplay Your Rivals: Explore the map and find tactical advantages to outplay your opponents. Discover hidden chests that contain magical runes and game-changing equipment. These items give you the ability to fly, teleport, control time, become invisible, and more.

Enter an Ever-Evolving World: The fractured battleground of the Hollow Lands is just the beginning of your adventure in the greater world of Primdal. New chapter updates will reveal more of the deep, rich lore behind this powerful place and its people.

Battle Across the Hollow Lands: Form a party of powerful battlemages and vanquish other players to stand victorious in this unique battle royale! Future updates will unlock exciting new game modes.

Cross-Play and Cross-Progression: Play against other battlemages across PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and take your character, progress, customisations, and more to any of those platforms at any time.

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