Spellbreak, An RPG-Like Battle Royale, Is No Fortnite Clone |

Late last year, I got my first hands-on with Spellbreak, the indie battle royale game from Proletariat Inc. Having now seen and experienced the evolution of the genre, from the days of janky mods to full-blown AAA productions, I’m a bit skeptical of another one coming onto the scene unless it’s doing something to separate itself. But having recently played an updated beta, I was reminded that Spellbreak stands out in a saturated genre, laying down the guns for magic and trading suspense for hectic arena-style fights.

Spellbreak’s Style Of Battle Royale

Your first impressions might be to think it’s riffing off of Fortnite because of some slight similarities in environmental art style or color palette; however, in terms of gameplay, the parallels end at the battle royale foundation. No, you don’t create structures and enemies can’t transform into towering buildings the moment you fire at them. Instead, Spellbreak’s depth comes from the RPG-like class system, with distinct elemental affinities and gear variety fundamentally changing your capabilities throughout a match.

(Note that the gameplay video above is from the earlier beta in October 2019 and changes have been made to the game since then.)

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