Sleek Hologlyph, BreakPoint, Black & White Henchmen, and more

The Fortnite 17.20 update is finally here and has brought along a huge roster of new skins, backblings, assorted cosmetics, and more.

While many of these skins are already available for players to unlock and use, there are many that have been added along with this update but have not been officially released yet. They may be released gradually during Fortnite events and the like.

The 17.20 Fortnite update has provided a major boost to the arsenal of skins available in the game, but it is yet to add some of the most coveted skins like Ariana Grande. However, the skins present in the game right now, as leaked by prominent data miners and leakers, are quite impressive.

The current update brought about a major UI overhaul for the in-game shop window and the Bundles screen. Honestly, it looks better:

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Get a load of what is yet to come at the hands of the 17.20 update patch for Fortnite

Perhaps one of the most hyped, unreleased skins right now is that of Bugha. The 18-year-old Fortnite champion is easily one of the most prominent pros associated with Fortnite and deserves his own skin bundle.

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In addition to this, there is the Pepper Thorne skin, and the one based on the famous internet personality, Gildedguy. Those familiar with the short animated videos of Gildedguy will perhaps give anything to play as him.

Furthermore, this update seems to have finally added the GHOST and SHADOW henchmen as playable skins to the game.

According to yet another prominent Fortnite data miner and leaker, iFireMonkey, the Breakpoint Challenge Pack has been updated with the Fortnite 17.20 update as well. It will add a sick skin (the Breakpoint Outfit) along with an equally cool backbling (the Signal Jammer).

Fortnite has always been quite generous while adding cool new skins, cosmetics, and in-game items with every update. How the Fortnite 17.20 update can help tweak certain aspects of the gameplay is yet to be seen.

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