She Hulk Challenges for Fortnite Season 4 revealed; here’s how to unlock superhero skin

The Marvel-themed Nexus War update in Fortnite season 4 is the talk of the town at the moment. Fortnite season 4 brings great joy to the players with the plethora of skins they have provided. The likes of Ironman, Thor, Mystique, Dr Doom, etc. are available as skins for the players to unlock and play with on Fortnite island.

It’s not easy to unlock each skin for this update as all skins cannot be unlocked by grinding out the battle pass. Some skins require a series of challenges or actions to be performed to unlock that specific skin and She Hulk challenges are one of these many challenges that are provided.

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What are the She Hulk challenges?

She Hulk is a very powerful Marvel character and can be unlocked as a skin in Fortnite season 4. A series of She Hulk challenges are to be completed to unlock the skin of the superhero lawyer. Before performing these challenges, the players should unlock and play as the Jennifer Walters skin which is available after reaching Tier 22 on the battle pass. To turn Jennifer Walters to She Hulk, the player has to complete the She Hulk awakening challenges given below.

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Jennifer Walter’s Office

For completing the first She Hulk challenge the player has to headover to the Retail Row area in Fortnite Island and look for a building with a big signboard outside that says, “Jennifer Walter’s Law Offices”. Head inside and chill for a bit until you receive the notification that the challenge is over.

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Dr. Dooms Henchmen

The next of the She Hulk challenge is fairly simple too. The player has to head over to Doom’s Domain previously known as Misty Meadows on Fortnite Island and defeat 3 of Dr. Doom’s henchmen.

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Destroying Vases with an attitude

The last of the She Hulk awakening challenges needs the player to head over to either Sweaty Sands, Dirty Docks or Cape Cod (recommended as more players group there). All these locations contain vases. The player, however, has to go to only one of these locations.

There will be a big blue vase that is very difficult to miss. The player has to destroy this vase and emote, and this should awaken Jennifer Walters to She Hulk and complete the last of the She Hulk challenges for Fortnite season 4. After completing all three challenges the player should have the emote available to transform Jennifer Walters into She Hulk whenever they want.

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