Scuba Crystal Fortnite Skin: Latest Details

The Scuba Crystal outfit in Fortnite has been generating a lot of buzz around the battle island as players are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to add the upcoming skin to their collections.

Putting the hectic alien invasion of Season 7 on pause for a brief moment of relaxation, Epic Games has launched the Cosmic Summer event, bringing in a ton of seasonal content to Fortnite including summer outfits and bundles both new and old. Here’s all the latest details surrounding the Scuba Crystal skin coming soon to Fortnite Season 7.

Scuba Crystal Fortnite Skin: Latest Details

Looking to deliver “sizzlin’ summer surprises,” Epic Games has caught the eyes of many in the Fortnite community with its upcoming Scuba Crystal outfit.

A summery variant outfitted to be ready for aquatic activities, the Scuba Crystal is Epic Games’ refresh of the popular skin originally introduced in August 2019 during Season X. A beloved outfit especially in the competitive community, the Crystal skin has long been one of the Fortnite item shop’s best sellers due to its bargain price of 800 V-Bucks.

In addition to Scuba Crystal, other upcoming summer skins that have been garnering excitement from the Fortnite community include Beach Jules and Boardwalk Ruby. Expect all three skins to hit the item shop sometime in the next two weeks.

Here is Epic Games’ official synopsis of their outfit offerings planned for the Cosmic Summer event:

New Outfits and Bundles will make their debut during Cosmic Summer, bringing beach-ready takes on classic Island stars. Get some fresh air with Midsummer Midas, show off your beach bodyguard with Beach Brutus, surface up some summer fun with Scuba Crystal, and combine R&R with R&D with Beach Jules. Returning summer Outfits will be joining the party as well, like Summer Drift and Unpeely.

Fortnite’s Cosmic Summer event aims to bring fresh LTMs, outfits and rewards to the game, and will run until July 5, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

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