Scavengers: How to Craft Items

There are many different things that players need to do to survive in Scavengers. This guide shows players how to craft items during a match.

The world of Scavengers is a very dangerous and difficult one to navigate. While exploring players will need to face off against many deadly creatures and other players while trying to survive the horrible cold that threatens to kill them at every opportunity. As the name of the game implies though scavenging of supplies can really help with the player’s overall abilities to survive everything that is thrown at them.

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One of the biggest reasons for players to scavenge in the game is because they will be able to then craft new items and weapons to help them during a match. Crafting is one of the most important things for players to do in the game if they hope to survive. As long as they have the right items and gear researched they will be able to craft all kinds of important things. This guide shows players how to craft items in Scavengers.

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Scavengers: How to Craft Items

In order to craft items during a match, players will first need to research the item from the main menu. There are a host of different items like weapons, consumables, and shields that can be researched and then crafted during the middle of a match. Players should invest in many different types of items if they hope to make it very far during the course of a match. Once the player has started a game they will want to start searching for scrap throughout the world. Scrap is found pretty much everywhere as players will receive it for killing their enemies and opening specific containers. Collecting scrap is definitely one of the most important things to do early on in the match.

Once players have collected some scrap they can open the crafting menu by pressing “C”. They will then be able to see every item that they have available to craft. Each of these items will require that the player spend a certain number of scrap on them to craft the item for use during that match. Certain items like the shield can actually be crafted numerous times in order to upgrade it further and make it stronger. Players should keep in mind that crafting takes time, so they will have to wait for an item to be done before it can be used. This means that crafting is best down in between firefights rather than in the middle of combat.

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Scavengers can be played in Steam Early Access right now.

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