Rumor: Fortnite Could Be Adding Ant-Man

A new rumor suggests that another Marvel superhero could be pulled into the world of Fortnite, with none other than Ant-Man possibly on the way.

Fortnite players have no shortage of Marvel characters to play as, with everyone from Guardians of the Galaxy leader Star-Lord to Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom available in-game. The Marvel roster could soon be growing a bit bigger, however, as the latest Fortnite leak suggests Ant-Man is on the way.

Like other recent Fortnite leaks, players should take this information with a grain of salt. While some leaks have been completely accurate and characters have shown up in-game days later, others have seen players disappointed due to skins never coming to fruition. If a Fortnite leak is ever not true, it is usually because players are speculating over a codename. The Ant-Man rumor was initially no different, though a new portal has made his arrival seem more likely.

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While Fortnite players could visit Ant Manor in Season 4, a skin for Scott Lang or Hank Pym never arrived — though that may soon be changing. Not only was the code name “Small Fry” seen in the files for the game, something that quickly tipped fans off about the hero’s potential addition, but the latest Fortnite portal seem to hint heavily at the character. Not only can music be heard that fits the style of Ant-Man, but the sound of bugs scurrying can also be heard. If that was not enough, the woodland setting seems to swing things even further in the character’s favor.

While this is very likely a teaser for Ant-Man’s arrival, and YouTubers like Ali-A seem certain that the character is coming to the game soon, fans should not be too excited until Ant-Man is officially announced by Epic Games. After all, tie-in skins for WandaVision have been rumored throughout the season, but nothing has come from the various theories. Likewise, Lara Croft was leaked several weeks ago, but the beloved Tomb Raider protagonist has also failed to make her debut inside Fortnite. While all signs do seem to be pointing to Ant-Man running through this forest, nothing is confirmed just yet.

Still, Ant-Man makes sense as one of Season 5’s final additions, as he is one of the most popular Marvel characters that have yet to make an appearance. After all, apart from Spider-Man, Ant-Man has been the Marvel character that Fortnite fans have been waiting the longest to add to their collection. While the exact price is unconfirmed, past skins indicate that he will probably cost players around 1500 V-Bucks — though this price could go up depending on what he comes with.

With Ant-Man leaked for Marvel’s Avengers as well, fans of the character should be seeing a lot of him inside various video games. While he is not technically confirmed, all signs point to his reveal happening sometime in the next few days.

Fortnite is currently available for Android, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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