Rocket League Adds New Bundles to Item Shop

Popular free-to-play title Rocket League reveals a new way for players to get items in their inventory with new item pack ‘Bundles.’

Popular free-to-play title Rocket League is revealing a new way for players to get items in their inventory. Beginning today, players will purchase new item packs in the form of bundles, which feature cars, wheels, trails, and more.

Released in 2015, Rocket League has steadily grown in popularity, enough so that Fortnite creator Epic Games bought its developer Psyonix two years ago. Similar to Fortnite, Epic adapted a season pass in addition to making the game free for everyone. The title is currently in its second season, which was just extended through the first week of April.

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Rocket League has announced a total of three new bundles, each of which features items with a similar theme. According to the game’s official website, buying the bundles will end up saving a lot of credits versus purchasing the items individually. The three currently available bundles are:

  • Street Heat (500 Credits) – Takumi, Yamane Wheels, Distortion Decal (Takumi,) Anubis Decal (Takumi,) and Vector Decal (Takumi.)
  • Audacious Moves (1000 Credits) – Centio V17, Equalizer Wheels, Discotheque Trail, and Synthwave Boost.
  • Playing With Fire (3000 Credits) – Fennec, Fire God Decal (Universal), Pyrrhos Wheels, Pixel Fire Boost, Blazer Trail, and Hellfire Goal Explosion.

While the new bundles will certainly save players plenty of credits, it should be noted that players will be unable to trade items purchased in the Item Shop, nor are they eligible for trade-ins. The last major new addition was when Rocket League added the Ford F-150, so it should come as good news to players to see a wider range of new cosmetics, and at bundled rates too. More bundles are reportedly coming in the future, so players will want to keep an eye out for the latest and greatest Rocket League has to offer.

Rocket League is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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