Release date, v16.50 Early Patch Notes, Leaks, Bug fixes and more

With approximately a month remaining until Fortnite Season 6 ends, it’s almost time for Fortnite update 16.50. Epic Games drops an update every two weeks, so fans who’ve been asking for the next Fortnite update don’t need to wait much longer. The next update, which is the Fortnite update 16.50 is likely to drop next week, i.e., 5th of May.

The new Fortnite update will probably bring in some interesting skins/cosmetics and will add items that will further the in-game storyline.

Fortnite update 16.50 early patch notes : Bug fixes

Fortnite will receive some bug fixes with the next update (Image via Fortnite Trello)
Fortnite will receive some bug fixes with the next update (Image via Fortnite Trello)

Like every major update in the game, the 16.50 update to Fortnite will see a few bug fixes as listed on their Trello board. Most of these issues are still being investigated by Epic Games and no fix has been announced yet. However, knowing the developers, most of these bugs will be addressed by the time the update goes live.

Fortnite update 16.50 early patch notes: Leaks

While many fans have been asking “when is the next Fortnite update”, some fans have also been asking “what’s going to be in the next Fortnite update?” For some reason, data miners have been very inactive during this season. There seem to be no major leaks except on the days when the updates go live. However, data miners did bring out some information previously, and in all probability, these may go live after the update.

The Street Shadow and the Medusa Bundle

Both of these bundles were introduced in the Fortnite 16.40 update but neither went live. The Street Shadow bundle is PC exclusive and will be available for free in the Fortnite item shop. With only a couple of weeks left in the current season, it’s likely that the Street Shadow bundle and the Medusa bundle will be in the Fortnite item shop.


The Foreshadowing questline and its related NPC may go live with the next Fortnite update as well. While there isn’t any definite information on this at the moment, even if these quests don’t go live with the nupdate, more information on these should be available.

For now, this is all that is there with regards to the Fortnite update 16.50. While “when is the next Fortnite update” happens to be an important question, “when does Fortnite Season 7 start” is an even bigger question. The new season of Fortnite goes live on June 8th. Fans will still be able to enjoy one more major update before the new season comes in.

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