Release Date, Theme, Cosmetic Rewards, Journey Rewards, Haedrig’s Gifts, Patch Notes and More

Looking forward to Diablo 3 Season 23? We’ve got everything you could want to know about the next major update coming to Blizzard’s RPG.

Release Date & Time

Diablo 3 Season 23 is slated to begin early next month shortly after the next Diablo 3 update goes live.

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When we say early, we mean early. Diablo 3 Season 23 is due to begin on April 2nd at 17:00 PDT / 20:00 EST and 00:00 GMT on April 3rd.

The update that contains the additional content and changes discussed below is due to be released on March 30th. This should give everyone plenty of time to download and install it prior to this.

New Season Theme

The theme that Blizzard has laid out for Diablo 3 Season 23 is all about the Followers and this means that there is going to be a revamp to the Follower System in the next update!

Diablo 3 Season 23 Followers
FOLLOWERS – Here’s what they’ll look like going forward

Below, we have an excerpt of what’s to come from the Diablo 3 blog post detailing everything that’s coming up.

Kormac, Lyndon, and Eirena have long been studying and observing the Nephalem, learning from the best how to conquer darkness. Now the Disciples of Sanctuary are ready to take their place among legends, equip wondrous items and emanate their inner power to aid in the fight against the minions of hell….”

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What does the Followers Revamp mean, though? Well, going forward players will be able to equip Followers with the following item slots:

  • Follower Relic Item
  • Helm
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Gloves
  • Bracers
  • Belt
  • Two Rings
  • Neck
  • Pants
  • Boots
  • Main-Hand Weapon

This improved level of customisation will undoubtedly add another degree of strategy to the already-strategic isometric RPG.

Emanate is also being added as a new Follower Feature that allows the player to gain the effects of Legendary Powers and Set Bonuses when they’re equipped on a hired Follower.

New Cosmetic Rewards

Diablo 3 Season 23 is following on with the system that was added to the game in Season 17 and bringing back previous rewards for players that missed them.

That means that a few Season 11 cosmetic rewards are returning to Diablo 3 in the upcoming season.

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You can check out the Emerald Dragon, Conqueror Pants, Conqueror Boots, and Treasure Goblins portraits below:

Diablo 3 Season 23 S11 Cosmetic Rewards
RETURNING REWARDS – These are some of the Cosmetic Rewards that are coming to Diablo 3 in Season 23

This isn’t all though!

There are a couple more cosmetic rewards that players can get a hold of in Diablo 3 Season 23. Both the Lacuni Cub pet and Chopping Block portrait will be unlockable if you can “prove your worth with The Disciples of Sanctuary… and complete the Season 23 Guardian Journey”.

You can check both of these out below:

Diablo 3 Season 23 Guardian Journey Rewards
LACUNI CUB – Looking for a new pet? We’ve got you covered!

Season Journey Rewards

If you’re looking for more stash tabs from Diablo 3 Season 23, you’re in luck!

Below, we’ve got the Season 23 challenges you’ll need to complete throughout the season to earn up to five more stash tabs:

  • Far Away: Kill the Siegebreaker Assault Beast at level 70 in under 30 seconds on Torment X difficulty.
  • Money Ain’t a Thang: Slay Greed on Torment X difficulty. Treasure Goblins outside of Nephalem Rifts will sometimes open portals to Greed’s domain, The Vault.
  • A Little More: Reach Greater Rift Level 60 Solo.
  • 4 Minutes to Save the World​: Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift on Torment X difficulty within 4 minutes.
  • Gem of My Life: Level three Legendary Gems to level 55.
  • All I Do is Win: Complete 2 Conquests this Season.

Updated Conquests

Diablo 3 Season 23 is introducing another rotation of Conquests.

These are a Season-only feature that offers players the chance to earn special achievements and a whole lot of loot.

We have what Blizzard has to say about the upcoming Conquest rotation for Diablo 3 in Season 23 here:

” Do you love collecting lots of gold as fast as possible? You’ll be set with Avarice and Avaritia.”

” Want to go fast while killing things? Speed Demon and Need for Speed will serve your purposes.”

” Want to go fast while killing big things? Boss Mode and Worlds Apart are right up your alley.”

Diablo 3 Season 23 Conquests
CONQUESTS – Which one will you tackle first?

Divinity and Lionhearted are also making a return if challenging Greater Rifts are more of your style.”

” Finally, if you’re keen to prove your mastery of various Class Sets, Masters of the Universe and Masters of Sets will also be returning.”

Haedrig’s Gifts

Lastly, the Class Sets rewarded for completing Season Journey chapters from Haedrig’s Gift are being rotated again.

Below, we’ve listed all of the sets you’ll get from Haedrig’s Gift in Season 23. There’s one for each class, too!

  • Monk – Raiment of a Thousand Storms
  • Demon Hunter – Unhallowed Essence
  • Crusader – Roland’s Legacy
  • Wizard – Tal Rasha’s Elements
  • Barbarian – Wrath of the Wastes
  • Witch Doctor – Helltooth Harness
  • Necromancer – Bones of Rathma
Diablo 3 Season 23 Haedrig's Gift
HAEDRIG’S GIFT – Here’s what you can get throughout the season

Full Patch Notes

Followers Revamp

Items with Emanate capabilities:

  • Broken Crown
  • Homing Pads
  • Spaulders of Zakara
  • Goldskin
  • Custerian Wristguards
  • Nemesis Bracers
  • Gladiator Gauntlets
  • Gloves of Worship
  • Dovu Energy Trap
  • Rakoff’s Glass of Life
  • Avarice Band
  • Krede’s Flame
  • The Flavor of Time
  • Sage’s Journey (3-piece set bonus)
  • Cain’s Destiny (3-piece set bonus)

Scoundrel Follower Skills

  • Crippling Shot
  • Ranged attack that deals 140% weapon damage and slows enemies hit by 80% for 3 to 6 seconds based on the Scoundrel’s Dexterity.
  • Powered Shot
  • Ranged attack that explodes on impact, dealing 120% weapon damage as Arcane to enemies within 10 yards and has a 100% chance to Stun enemies for 3 to 6 seconds based on the Scoundrel’s Dexterity.
  • Hysteria
  • Whenever you or the Scoundrel land a Critical Hit, you both will go into hysterics, increasing all damage done by 3% for 3 to 6 seconds based on the Scoundrel’s Dexterity.
  • Anatomy
  • Increases Critical Hit Chance by 1.8% to 4% for you and the Scoundrel based on the Scoundrel’s Dexterity.
  • Multishot Passive
  • Passive: The Scoundrel’s special attacks have a 50% to 70% chance to fire 3 bolts based on the Scoundrel’s Dexterity.
  • Skill Rework – Vanish
  • When you take fatal damage, the Scoundrel conceals you from enemies for 3 to 7 seconds based on the Scoundrel’s Dexterity, allowing you to escape your death.
  • New Skill – Night’s Veil
  • The Scoundrel launches a cloud that covers a 20-yard area and lasts 2 to 4 seconds based on the Scoundrel’s Dexterity. All attacks against enemies that are inside the cloud will be critical hits.
  • New Skill – Piercing Shot
  • Ranged attack that pierces and increases damage done to enemies by 10% for 3 to 6 seconds based on the Scoundrel’s Dexterity.
  • Removed Skills – Dirty Fighting and Poison Bolts

Templar Follower Skills

  • Heal and Loyalty
  • These skills now scale based on the Templar’s Strength.
  • Intimidate
  • Enemies that hit or are hit by the Templar are slowed by 80% for 3 to 6 seconds based on the Templar’s Strength.
  • Charge
  • Charges a target, dealing 280% weapon damage and stunning all enemies within 8 yards for 3 to 6 seconds based on the Templar’s Strength.
  • Intervene*Skill Rework – Onslaught
  • Taunt enemies within 10 yards of you for 3 to 6 seconds based on Templar’s strength when you are hit.
  • Delivers a massive blow to an enemy for 800% weapon damage and causes the target and nearby enemies to take 10% increased damage for 3 to 6 seconds based on the Templar’s Strength.
  • Skill Rework – Guardian
  • When you take fatal damage, the Templar will rush to your aid, knocking back enemies within 15 yards, healing you for 15% to 25% life based on the Templar’s Strength, and shielding you from all damage for 5 seconds.

Enchantress Follower Skills

  • Erosion
  • Conjures a pool of energy that deals 330% weapon damage as Arcane over 5 to 7 seconds based on the Enchantress’s Intelligence. Affected enemies will also take 10% increased damage.
  • Focused Mind
  • A 40-yard aura that increases attack speed for you and the Enchantress by 3% to 6% based on the Enchantress’s Intelligence.
  • Skill Rework (Renamed from Powered Armor) – Powered Shield
  • Reduces damage by 6% from ranged attacks, increases Armor by 3%, and slows melee attackers by 60% for 3 to 6 seconds for you and the Enchantress based on the Enchantress’s Intelligence.
  • New Skill – Temporal Pulse
  • The Enchantress casts a guided orb that deals 150% weapon damage and slows enemies by 80% for 3 to 6 seconds based on the Enchantress’s Intelligence.
  • New Skill – Amplification
  • Increases your highest static elemental bonus by 5% to 10% based on the Enchantress’s Intelligence.
  • New Skill – Prophetic Harmony
  • Reduce your skills’ Cooldowns by 5% to 10% based on the Enchantress’s Intelligence.
  • New Skill – Fate’s Lapse
  • When you take fatal damage, the Enchantress empowers you to speed up your movement through time for 3 to 7 seconds to avoid death based on the Enchantress’s Intelligence.
  • Removed Skills – Forceful Push, Mass Control, Disorient, and Missile Ward

General Item Updates

  • Teleport – Adjusted Wizard’s Teleport animation speed.
  • Land of the Dead – Invigoration skill rune now removes all resource costs.
  • Rathma’s Shield passive skill now has a 60-second cooldown

Item Changes

  • Bones of Rathma 2-Piece Set: Your permanent minions reduce the cooldown of Army of the Dead by 0.50 second each time they deal damage. Your skeletal warriors spawn faster, and your revived minions no longer expire.
  • Bones of Rathma 4-Piece Set: Your minions no longer take damage. You gain a 1% damage reduction for 15 seconds each time one of your minions deal damage. Maximum of 75 stacks.
  • Bones of Rathma 6-Piece Set: Each permanent active minion increases the damage of Army of the Dead and Bone Spirit by 500%, up to 9000%.
  • Defiler Cuisses: Bone Spirit’s damage is increased by 400% to 500% for every second it is active and will also freeze enemies on impact. Maximum of 5 seconds.
  • New item* Bonds of C’Lena: Army of the Dead deals 75% to 100% increased damage or double this bonus against an active target of Command Skeletons.
  • Firebird’s Finery 2-Piece Set: Disintegrate Ignites enemies, causing them to take 3000% weapon damage per second until they die. When you die, a meteor falls from the sky and revives you. This effect has a 60-second cooldown.
  • Firebird’s Finery 4-Piece Set: Casting Disintegrate adds Combustion stacks that reduce the cooldown of Teleport by 2% per stack. Stacks up to 50 times. You gain 80% damage reduction while maintaining Combustion stacks.
  • Firebird’s Finery 6-Piece Set: You gain 2000% increased damage while Ignite is applied to a target. Hitting an Ignited enemy with a non-channelling fire spell deals Ignite damage multiplied by Combustion stacks.
  • Gears of Dreadlands 6-Piece Set: Your primary skills deal 15,000% increased damage.
  • The Ninth Cirri Satchel: Hungering Arrow is guaranteed to pierce and also deals 450% to 600% increased damage. Hungering Arrow can only pierce up to 4 times.
  • Gazing Demise: The damage of Spirit Barrage is increased by 100% to 150%. Spirit Barrage gains the Phantasm rune that lasts twice as long, and the attack rate from Manitou spectres is increased.
  • Blackthorne’s Jousting Mail: Replaced one minor property with a random elemental damage affix.

Class Set Dungeon Update

  • To account for the Necromancer redesign of the Bones of Rathma set, we have updated the objective to “Revive 100 Corpses” from the current “Raise 100 Skeletal Mages”.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the legacy version of Etched Sigil buffing unintended effects.
  • Fixed an issue with the Follower’s cheat death skills activating while the player had a Shield Pylon active.
  • Fixed an issue where the Templar would sometimes stop following the player.
  • Fixed Revive – Personal Army buff not persisting with Rathma’s 4 piece bonus

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