Release Date, Patch Notes, Leaked Skins, Grefg Skin, Mods, New Weapons, Map Changes, FNCS, Challenges and more

2021 is here and Epic Games are back hard at work on Fortnite, meaning its nearly new update time.

Here is everything we know about the Fortnite 15.20 update.

Release Date

With Epic Games back at work now after the holidays, its expected that the 15.20 update will happen this week.

Generally update days are between Tuesday and Thursday.

But over recent weeks and months, update day has seemed to consistently be on a Tuesday, so we expect the 15.20 update to launch on January 12th, however we won’t know until the night before when Epic Games announces it.


Downtime usually begins at 4am EST/9am GMT and typically lasts around 90 minutes- 2 hours.

Meaning players will be able to dive into the new update at some time around 5:30-6am EST/10:30-11am GMT.

Patch Notes

For some reason, Epic Games doesn’t release patch notes anymore.

Instead, creators with Support-A-Creator codes get a form of patch notes.

Using these and Fortnite’s Trello Board, we can create our own patch notes and will update this when the update happens.

The patch notes are as follows as reported by Gfinity Esports, based on the Fortnite Community Trello Board:


  • Michonne Outfit visual issue with Cape back blings.
    • We are aware that the Michonne Outfit (without the poncho edit style) has visual issues when using a Cape back bling. This issue will be fixed in a future game update.

Battle Royale

  • Rebooted players may see an already completed Bounty.
    • If a Bounty was accepted and completed before a player was Rebooted, upon reboot they may see that Bounty appear on their screen.
    • Since the Bounty was already completed while you were awaiting Reboot, simply let it time out.
  • Total Bars appearing as 0 in a match.
    • Players may on rare occasion load into a match without their total Bars available, showing 0 in their persistent stash.
    • Don’t worry, your total collected Bars are still tracked – but collecting Bars in the match where they appear at 0 will not add to your cumulative total.
    • Loading into another match should show your total collected Bars, however any collected in the match where they appeared 0 will not have been added.
    • Bars in Arena must be gathered in-match and your persistent stash is unavailable.
  • Hypernova Outfit appearing as a different Outfit in the Lobby and in-match.
  • The Hypernova Outfit may appear as a different Outfit in the Lobby and in a match.

Save The World Top

  • Quest progress not instantly updating in the HUD and Quest Log.
    • Quest progress may be slow to update in the HUD and Quest Log.

Leaked Skins

With each update a load of new cosmetics are added to the game which will be released either in the Item Shop or given away through challenges or competitive.

Once the update goes live we will see which new skins have been added.

There are some leaked skins already in the game that haven’t been released yet.

Fortnite Dark Skully Leaked Skin
Dark Skully
Fortnite Marauder Heavy Leaked Skin
Marauder Heavy
Fortnite Madcap Leaked Skin
Fortnite Machinist Mina
Machinist Mina
Fortnite Brilliant Bomber Leaked Skin
Brilliant Bomber
Fortnite Wake Rider Leaked Skin
Wake Rider
Fortnite Backscatter Leaked Skin

Grefg Icon Skin

On January 11th, Grefg will showcase his Icon Series skin ahead of its release into the Item Shop.

Fortnite Grefg Icon Skin Teaser Key Art
ICON: Popular Spanish YouTuber/Streamer Grefg will get his own Icon Skin

There is no official release date for the skin yet, but with it being showcased on January 11th it means it will likely be released in the next few days.

New Weapons

There have been numerous weapons leaked and expected to come to the game soon.

First will be a Run and Gun SMG, it will allow players to run fast, like they’re using a Pepper, while being able to fire the weapon.

The Run and Gun SMG will act similar to the Rapid Fire SMG.

Next is the Freeze AR, titled the Burrrrst Rifle, this will be a Burst Assault Rifle that either freezes opponents or adds the ice blocks to their feet to make them slide.

Finally is the Slurp Bazooka, which will act the same as the Bandage Bazooka, but will also heal Shield in addition to Health.


It was leaked that mod support will be coming to the game.

This will be part of Creative and allow players to build Creative maps and modes in the way they want to, rather than being restricted to what Epic Games has in the game.

As of yet there is no release date for mods coming to the game, but it is expected to come in the coming weeks and months.

Map Changes

Each update sees map changes, whether minor or major changes.

The Colossal Colosseum is expected to begin flooding soon.

There is no word as to why it is going to flood or what it means from the story, but it will be interesting to find out.

Fortnite Colossal Colosseum key promo art
FLOODED: Colossal Colosseum will soon begin to flood according to leakers.


With every week comes a new set of challenges.

These release every Thursday at 9am EST/2pm GMT and give players the chance to earn plenty of XP to level up the Battle Pass and unlock all its rewards.

Normally challenges get leaked ahead of time, and the Week 4-6 challenges were leaked after the 15.10 update.

But week 7’s challenges haven’t yet, so that adds weight that the next update will be beforen Thursday as that is when week 7’s challenges will be released.


Epic Games recently released a blog post that outlined what to expect from competitive over the course of Season 5.

On Monday there will be Trios Cash Cups every week until the end of Season 5.

These tournaments will be cross-platform and is available to any Trios who are in Champions League in Arena.

Wednesday will showcase an LTM tournament, continuing on from what Epic Games tried in Season 4.

Adding a much more relaxed form of competitive, these LTM tournaments are a lot more fun and over the top, rather than box fighting and worrying about rotations and high ground retakes.

Finally on Friday is the Bragging Rights tournament.

The winners each will get a shout out from the Fortnite Competitive social media, a good way to get your name out there and your foot in the door as a potential pro player.

Finally on February 4th the FNCS tournament will begin, with thousands of Trios coming together to prove they’re the best in the world while earning their share of a large multi-million dollar prize pool.

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